Joan Martin Agenda

October 17th - October 20th

This Week's Pledge of Allegiance

Monday, October 10th- Ms. Fastero

Tuesday, October 11th- Ms. Osika

Wednesday, October 12th- Ms. Bullington

Thursday, October 13th- Ms. Erdelac

Friday, October 14th- Fall Break

Upcoming Events!

10/17-10/21 Fire Prevention Week

Monday 10/17- Fire Prevention Presentations (see schedule); P/T conference brainstorming session- 8:05-8:35.

Tuesday 10/18- Choir Practice 12:40-1 pm; Spell Bowl Practice & 4th-5th Study Tables 3:30-4:30; PTO- Yohan Painting 6-7:30 pm.

Wednesday 10/19- Brickie Leaders & 3rd Study Tables 3:30-4:30; PTO meeting 4-5 pm.

Thursday 10/20- Report Cards Go Home; Last Day to Complete Gallup Survey; Grade Level Contacts and HTA. 4th-5th Study Tables 3:30-4:30 pm. PTO DQ Night 4-7 pm.

Friday 10/21- Fall Break!

Monday 10/24- Fall Break!

10/25-10/31 Red Ribbon Week!

Tuesday 10/25- Spirit Week- Wear Pajamas; 2nd Grade Agriculture Presentation 10 am-3 pm, Spell Bowl Practice & 4th-5th Study Tables 3:30-4:30.

Wednesday 10/26- Late Start; Spirit Week- Wear patriotic clothing; Instrument Zoo 9:05-3:05; 3rd Study Tables 3:30-4:30; Pumpkin Light Night 6-7 pm; Student Council Induction 6 pm - 7 pm.

Thursday 10/27- Spirit Week- Wear clothes from a different decade; Instrument Zoo 9:05-3:05; 1st Grade Pumpkin Patch.

Friday 10/28- Spirit Week- Sport Wear or Workout Clothes; Picture Retake Day; Pay Day Breakfast; Instrument Zoo 9:05-3:05.

Pictures of the Week!

Important Notables!

Indiana 529 Promise- We will continue to call parents that did not attend the meeting on October 10th. Please continue to encourage students to come in with their parents to sign up for a 529.

iObservation- If you have not completed your PGP's yet, please do so as soon as possible. Kacey and Mathew have begun contacting teachers to set up observations.

504's: If you have not received an updated 504 for any of your students, please contact Kacey or Mathew.

Fire Prevention Week- We will be having Fire Prevention Week during October 17-20. Please check the schedule for your presentation time.

Joan Martin’s PBIS Brickie Points- Please make sure that your are utilizing your classroom Brickie points for positive reinforcement. More tickets have been ordered and are on the way.

Pictures of the Week- Please send pictures of what you are doing in class so we can post to the agenda and Facebook page. Also, if your class has a Facebook page, be sure to invite us so we can borrow pictures to use :)

Conferences: Do you have students you are concerned with academically or behaviorally? We are more than happy to sit in on the parent conference.

Journaling: Are you using your Five Minute Journal?

Pivot- If you are having issues with your Pivot reports, please let Kacey or Mathew know and we will assist.

Chromebooks- Chromebooks should be brought in daily in the clear backpack charged and ready to go. Students cannot call home to get Chromebooks and parents cannot drop them off. If a child forgets their Chromebook they will receive a warning and then lunch detention on subsequent offenses.

Staff Birthdays!

Monday, October 18th - Lauren Baltrushaitis

Monday, October 18th - Becky Juzwicki

Word of the Week!

Please post this word and either the definition or use it in a sentence on your board during the week.

Calculate- determine the amount or number of something mathematically.

Zen Teaching Tip of the Week!

Accepting life…frees you to start where you are… and move toward your desired destination with a glad, receptive heart.

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