Come to Indian Island!

A paradise off the coast of Devon

Fabulous Food!

Every meal is prepared by our 5 star cook, Ethel Rogers, and served by our top of the line waiter, Thomas Rogers.
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Beautiful Beaches!

Soft sands and deep blue waters are there to enjoy!
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Relaxing Ride on the Ferry!

Our expert navigator, Fred Narracott, will take you on a smooth ferry ride across the Irish Sea.

enriching music!

And Then There Were None - Ten Little Indians


You and seven other guests will take place in a murder mystery that will expand over the weekend. Can you root out the murderer and put them to justice? Or will you fall victim to their ways. Keep your wits about you, because at first there are 10... but it might end with none.

Just One Ticket!

One ticket includes all of the above, but you must keep it on you at all times...

Hear what our previous guests have said!

"Ha, delightful spot!" - General John MacArthur

"This is a great retreat. The food is fantastic, the spirits are refreshing, the beds are soft, and the overall atmosphere is cheery. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a paradise of a vacation." - Anthony Marston, shortly before "choking."

Poster by:

Thomas Brewer

November 2, 2014

Period 1