South America


Essential Question: What are your impressions of South American music?

Objectives: Students will read an introduction of South American and then discuss their impressions on South American music.

Materials: Moodle Lesson

Standards: 9.2.8.G - Relate works in the arts to geographic regions: Africa Asia Australia Central America Europe North America South America


  • Impressions - an idea, feeling, or opinion about something or someone, especially one formed with little evidence.
  • Street Musicians - People that perform instruments in public places for gratuities.


Watch the video below and see if you know any of the countries in South America!




South America is our friends to the South. South America is home to the highest waterfall, the largest river and the largest rainforest!


South America is well know for its street musicians. Watch a little bit of the video below and focus on how and what they are performing!

The music from South America