Rain Forests


What is a Rain Forest

A Rain Forest is a tall, Dense jungle. It is called a 'Rain' forest because of the very high amount of rain it gets each and every year. Rain Forests are very hot and humid. so the animals must adapt to the culture

What is Deforestation

Deforestation is the clearing of the earths forests on a massive scale. It damages the quality of land, forests still cover 30% of the land each year. With the current rate of Deforestation within 100 years the rain forests all over the world could become completely wiped out if deforestation is not stopped or slowed down.

Whats all responsible for Deforestation

  • Substance Farming 48%
  • commercial agriculture 32%
  • logging 14%
  • fuel fire wood 5%

Issues effecting the biome

The issues with deforestation of rain forests is that they have unique animals and by wiping out rain forests it will make these unique animals become extinct. they are loosing their homes that they have already adapted to and are familiar with living in. We can't just take them away from their homes. Imagine someone taking you from your home one day and he next day you have no home and are in a complete different place you know nothing about and you have nothing but the clothes on your back. It would be pretty hard to cope with. So why are we doing this to the animals, they never did anything to us. People lives are also in danger because they have to chop down these trees and they can die if a tree falls on while working, it happens more often then you think.

My solution

I believe that a good solution to stop deforestation is to have special fenced in property for tree that are just going to be cut down. It has positive effects on the environment. Their wont be any animals living in these trees trying to adapt to the living style because the property will be fenced in with chicken wire. People will have homes and fire wood and wood decor for their home so everyone will be happy and there will be jobs so people can provide for their families.

Don't let people take homes from these beautiful animals