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So you want to buy bitcoins without being tracked

Your Guide To Using Bitcoins Anonymously

So you want to buy bitcoins without being tracked? Anonymity is one of the things that makes bitcoins so attractive to people but, if you don't know what you are doing, you can easily be tracked. To stay under the radar while buying and using bitcoins, you're going to have to take some precautions. Making just one mistake when you buy your bitcoins may be enough to reveal your identity. Fortunately for you, it's relatively easy to hide your true identity from those who would like to discover it.

The first thing to do is buy a cheap netbook to use strictly for purchasing bitcoins. Understand that this netbook should only be used for dealings associated with cryptocurrency. Don't use this netbook for personal emails, social media, work, or any other activity. Once you have your netbook, you'll need a secure way to get on the Internet without your Internet protocol (IP) address being tracked. Buy a prepaid gift card and use it to purchase an encrypted virtual private network (VPN) service. This service will hide your IP, data transmissions, and location.

Even though you will be using a VPN to hide your IP, you don't want to use your home's Internet. There is a chance that your IP can leak out. Also, what if the VPN connection drops? Using a public wireless connection is safer. If the IP is revealed, it won't be connected to you. It's also a good idea to vary the public connections you use. Have a minimum of five places that you use for Internet access. Yes, you do have to put in some legwork if you want to guarantee your anonymity.

Once you have created your bitcoin wallet, you can buy bitcoins from a website. You'll find websites that have bitcoins will allow you to "click here" to select different payments. You will be using a prepaid card to buy your coins. Your name won't be attached to the card. Visa and MasterCard are excellent choices to purchase your coins with. Once you have bought your coins, you're done. You can then make bitcoin transactions anonymously using your bitcoin wallet, bitcoin netbook, VPN, and public Internet connections. For an additional layer of protection, use the TOR browser with your VPN while making transactions online.