The Battle of Antietam

By: Autumn. Reporting the Battle of Antietam

how to know Antietam

The battle of Antietam had killed at least 600 soldiers and injured 800. It was also known as the "Bloodiest Day in the Civil War." George McClellan leading our Union.

The Time Periods

Some more Facts you need to know.

The Facts

The Civil War was for shoes and slavery. The Battle of Antietam only lasted morning, noon, and afternoon. Not the evening. The Union won the war after General Lee surrendered at Appomatix. The War had wounded half of all the War's soldiers together. And the war had killed 600,000 soldiers.

The War has ended

It was at the Battle of Appomatix. Lee had weak, horrible, and wounded men. He surrendered that afternoon. That surrender had Abraham Lincoln issue the Emancipation Proclomation. It set the slaves free after the war was over. The South was not known as the Confederate States of America now. They joined the Union. Or, the United States of America. The slaves sometimes went to the North since they were free, and some stayed to work for their masters with no punishment and a little pay.