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Resources for Students, Faculty, and Staff !

As of 5/31/17


Social Studies

1) Defining Documents in World History: Nationalism & Populism [Salem Press]

(320 BCE - 2017 CE) * includes online database *

Social Issues

1) Critical World Issues: [Mason Crest]

- Abortion

- Animal Rights

- The Arms Trade

- Capital Punishment

- Consumerism

- Drugs

- Equal Opportunities

- Euthanasia

- Food Technology

- Genetic Engineering

- Genocide

- Human Rights

- Poverty

- Racism

- Refugees

- Terrorism


1) Cutting Edge: [Reference Point Press]

- Medical Technology

- Military Technology

- Transportation Technology

- Energy Technology

- Entertainment Technology

- Internet Technology


1) Influential Women: [Reference Point Press]

- Cleopatra

- Hillary Clinton

- Marie Curie

- Anne Frank

- Malala Yousafzai


1) Careers in Sports & Fitness [Salem Press] * includes online database *

2) Finding A Career: Careers If You Like... [Reference Point Press]

- Government and Politics

- The Arts

- Science

- Writing

- History

- Math


Social Studies

1) People's Century, 1900-1999 [PBS Video]

- 23 discs

* transfered from VHS because no longer available for purchase!

* special thanks & shout out to senior Owen Corkrin ! *

Social Issues

1) The Mask You Live In (docu.) [Virgil Films]


1) Arrival [20th Century Fox]

2) Doctor Strange [Marvel Studios]

3) Florence Foster Jenkins [Paramount Pictures]

4) La La Land [Summit]

5) A Monster Calls [Universal Studios]

6) Patriots Day [Lions Gate}


* Kevin S. brought his Sophomore classes to the library to research a Contemporary Moral Issue of their choice.

* Clint had his Juniors begin their Junior Research Paper exploring a variety of topics, including authors, major historical events, health conditions, pop culture, and political/social issues.

* Sarah's classes researched artists of the Renaissance, incorporating attributes of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

* Jeanne brought her classes to research water pollution (particularly due to bottled water factories) in countries around the world.

* Ed, Clint, & Kevin all had their classes visit the library to conduct research on past and current Genocides.

* Dave D, & Doug's classes utilized the library computers for research and online programs.

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