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Dual Enrollments, Technology Readiness, World Languages

Dual Credit Courses Enrollment Window September 1-14

WVS, Northcentral Technical College, and Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative are happy to offer two dual credit ONLINE courses in the Information Technology field: Accounting I (4 credits) and Web Design (3 credits). More information.
The most common technology problems students face taking an online course are:

  1. Their email address has been entered incorrectly in Genius.
  2. They can't access their email at school.
  3. Their email is setup at school so they are not able to send or receive emails from outside the school walls.

Check out our Computer Technology Readiness document for helpful tips.

World Language Curriculum Review: Know the Complexities of the Course Name

WVS School Partners:

Due to a change by our online content provider (Middlebury) in how they name their courses and our transition to solely using their courses for Spanish and French instead of multiple providers and for better flow of curriculum, we have some recommendations on how to handle placement and transcript documentation. Click here for more information.