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The Odyssey Program is a bridge from the security of the Challenge Program to the

bright opportunities of the future! Odyssey allows your student to take bold new steps into self-reliance, self-assurance, and confidence with the support of trusted Mentors and CC leadership. In partnership with Southeastern University, an accredited private,

Christian university, The Odyssey Program provides the opportunity to earn

30 college credits in addition to the personal development program.


This overview features the first-year and current-year Odyssey students and a great peek into all that the program has to offer. Contact a mentor for more information.

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An Odyssey student is a graduate of Challenge IV and will be 18 years of age by September 1st of the enrollment year. Odyssey provides our graduates opportunities to grow in leadership skills, discover the model of biblical leadership, grow in their faith, travel, learn and practice new skills, learn more about themselves, and have new experiences with independence! With the assistance of mentors and the academic advisor, Odyssey students are able to customize a perfect fit of college course work in balance with the demands of work, school, and their many personal commitments- All while enjoying their first-year college experience from the security of home. Odyssey is the bridge between the safety of Challenge and the possibilities of the future!


What courses are available to Odyssey students?

Odyssey students are enrolled as online undergraduate students and can take a great variety of courses! The academic advisor will work closely with students to understand their goals and needs to create an individual degree plan. Whether they have CC+ credits already or will be starting fresh, there will be courses available to propel them toward their degree and experience goals.

Odyssey leaders have curated a set of general education courses that are the starting point for most, but SEU has plenty to offer the student that has already accumulated credits for core courses in their degree plan. There are even options for students that aren't degree seeking but want to realize the full value of the program. Thinking of attending in-person? While Odyssey is online-only, if students would like to attend classes at an SEU campus, the academic advisor can advise and assist in setting up a plan that will help to maximize their time online and help the student transfer enrollment at the conclusion of the program.

Mentors and advisors will work with students and families to achieve the perfect fit for everyone.

Want to know more about SEU? Click HERE

The Odyssey Program works in partnership with SEU to provide the academic development aspect of the program. The opportunity to continue at SEU after graduation and acceptance of FAFSA benefits are two very significant advantages of Odyssey!

Have FINANCIAL AID Questions?

If you are interested in using FAFSA or a 529, contact SEU directly to discuss your options. Click the banner above to go directly to the FA page for online students. When you speak to an advisor, let them know you're with Classical Conversations.

More on Odyssey and Financial Aid...

All financial aid questions should be directed to SEU rather than Odyssey. Each applicant will have unique circumstances that the experts at SEU are able to handle quickly and efficiently. Financial aid (FAFSA and 529 accounts) are agreements between the university and individuals and The Odyssey Program has no capability to speak or act on behalf of students. At this time, all financial aid awards will be applied as reimbursements from SEU to individuals only. Odyssey payments are due to Classical Conversations either in total at the beginning of the program or quarterly by the specified due dates, and individuals will receive reimbursement directly from the university. The Odyssey Program isn't able to provide dates for reimbursement payments or have knowledge of the progression or timeline of the financial aid process.

* The Odyssey Program is not able to assist in the application for financial aid.

** FAFSA and other payment programs apply only to the SEU course costs. The Odyssey portion of the program cannot be discounted or included in financial aid programs.

*** The Odyssey Program can be paid in full at the beginning of the program or paid in four
quarterly payments that are billed through Integrity College Solutions.


Click here to watch students share their experiences and perspectives of the Odyssey Program. Graduates of the 2021 and 2022 programs, along with current students, explain the program and how it is shaping their lives and world views!

What's Next?


WHEN: *All scheduled times are EST

March 2023

March 1st: 11:00-12:30 pm

March 10th: 8:00-9:30pm

March 13th: 7:00-8:30 pm

March 25th: 12:00-1:30 pm

** March 25th will be the last live info meeting for this enrollment season. The deadline for regular registration is March 31st. Late registration is available to students who are still waiting for other program acceptance. If you have any questions about the registration dates, please contact Jamie Harmon at .**


THIS IS AN ONLINE EVENT. *All meeting times are Eastern Standard time.


Please join us for an introduction to The Odyssey Program- the next step in the journey from Challenge to the opportunities of the future! This bridge program is an opportunity for all students who have a desire to learn, grow and pursue truth, beauty, and goodness in the next phase of their lives, whether they go on to seek degrees, trades, or entrepreneurship!

Learn all about the five aspects of this new program that make it truly unique in today's world of higher education. This opportunity is certainly preparation for the exciting journey ahead!


Please register with this link: Odyssey Interest Group Registration , then...

Email Jamie Harmon at to RSVP and receive a Zoom link (the day before the meeting) for the info meeting. Please indicate which meeting (date & time) you plan to attend. There will be an overview of the program and an opportunity for Q & A.

IMPORTANT DEADLINES for the Odyssey Program

Odyssey/ SEU Application Season: November 1- March 31st

Odyssey Late Application Season: April 1st- May 8th

* Application fee due after program invitation is accepted

Odyssey Registration Ends: May 8th

*Registration fee is due once student degree plan/ course choice is finalized

SEU Fall Enrollment begins: April 4th, 2023

Odyssey Cohort Building begins: June 1st

Odyssey Program begins: Early August; Calendar TBD

SEU Courses begin: Late August; Calendar TBD

LET YOUR ADVENTURE BEGIN! Apply to the program HERE...

Are you ready to take the first step toward your Odyssey adventure? If you've registered with the program, attended an info meeting and are ready to become a Student Candidate, click the link and complete the Student Application!


Connect with Jamie Harmon, the Odyssey Program Mentor

Talk with us about how the Odyssey Program can be a perfect fit for your new graduate!

Jamie Harmon:

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