Coaching Cycle

You're Invited!

Why instructional coaching?

Instructional coaching is not about "fixing" weaknesses; it's about supporting teachers' efforts to continually improve as educators and positively impact student growth. We hold the same goal: increase student learning.

What is a coaching cycle?

Participating in a coaching cycle is a way to get individualized support and feedback in a manner that is judgement-free, non-evaluative, and confidential. The work we do within a cycle is driven by you and your specific needs and wants. Think of it as a helpful second pair of eyes in your search for continuous improvement.

What will we do in a coaching cycle?

  • We will determine a specific goal with the focus of improving student performance.
  • We will make a plan to reach your goal and determine ways to evaluate success.
  • We will decide how I can best support you in the classroom to reach this goal.
  • We will meet weekly to plan, reflect on successes and setbacks, and/or adjust instruction.

The average coaching cycle lasts 4-6 weeks.