Netherlands (1952)

Shelby Steinius

Some Facts

Capital= Amsterdame

Population= 16,877,351

Interesting place= The Royal Palace

Boarding country= Belgium, Germany, and France

Heighest elevation= 322.7 meters

Some Naturel Resources = Gas, Potroleam, and ect.

Main Product= Dairy

The Netherlands Culture

The Netherlands have a very different culture. Most of the population is non-religions. The most famous language in the Netherlands is Dutch. In the Netherlands the people there love to make art. Did you know that the famous painting "Stary Night" was painted in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands national anthem

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is a cool place. This is located in Amsterdam over looking dame square. this house is home to 5 people. Prince Willem-Alexander, queen Maxima, and the 3 royal daughters Amila, Alexia, and Ariane

Thank You

I would like to think some websites for the helpful information. Thank you!!
  • world book
  • cia world factbook