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26th October 2018

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Autumn is in the air...

The return to school after the mid-term break has not only seen a change in the weather, but also a few changes in the library. Biographies have been moved and are now categorised by the area of interest. It's now easier to find books about the lives of great characters who have shaped the world we live in.

There are also some changes to the library at lunchtime which are listed further below in more detail.

A few decorative items have caught the eyes of our students. The Library is a danger zone as Halloween approaches with lots of spooky (and not so spooky) stories to be discovered. There has also been real interest in the autumnal display on the Library desk in the picture above, the colours and textures of nature remain as fascinating as they always have been.

David Schwartz visit

On October 11th we had a very special day at Peak School, we were visited by the author David Schwartz who took all our year groups on a wonder-filled adventure of maths, science and nature. The day started with a maths assembly for Years 1 & 2, who were also joined by some of their parents. The climax of the assembly was hearing the whole hall count to one million! Then there was the workshop for the Year 6 students followed by one for the Year 5s. These were packed with information and strategies to explore and enjoy maths and all the ways that maths is around us. Finally in the afternoon David Schwartz took the students of Years 3 & 4 on a maths adventure. No one will forget the popcorn and what 1,000,000 kernels of popcorn looks like!
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Changes to Library lunchtimes.

We're making some changes to lunchtimes in the Library so that the children can make the most of their time. We've created a schedule that means that they can come in 3 times a week, but also gives us the scope to do some age specific activities at lunchtime. From Monday 29th October we will be switching to the following schedule:

Mondays - Years 2-6 (No Ipads available)

Tuesdays - Years 4, 5 & 6

Wednesday - Closed

Thursday - Years 2 & 3

Friday - Years 2-6 (No Ipads available)

The timings will remain the same 12.45pm -1.30pm.

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