Disney Effect

Kylie Gary

Movies projected into Theme Parks

There are many parks in Walt Disney World in Florida one of them is Magic Kingdom. the Magic Kingdom started October 1, 1971. Magic Kingdom is fill with princesses and their prince charming and maybe even the wicked villain who tried to ruin their happy ending. There is 4 lands in Magic kingdom, (Adventure land, Frontier land, Fantasy land, and Tomorrow land.) Fantasy land is the land were you will find all the princesses and princes and villains. one story that shows up a lot in Fantasy land in Snow White. Fantasy land dedicated a part of it to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. It includes Snow White's cottage and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster ride, the first roller coaster to move in a wobbling motion on track. They also dedicated a part of fantasy land to Beauty and the Beast. it features the Beast's Castle with the new dining experience Be Our Guest Restaurant, as well as Gaston's Tavern and Belle's cottage. They did this so they could bring some of the princess movies to life so the guest could get the full Disney experience.


Disney characters are trained very well. They are trained to be just like the characters. They even trains to give their autographs like the character. The actresses that play the princesses have to be a certain height to be a princess. They can't discus another brands or characters out of the Disney catalog. Disney characters are not allowed to: chew gum, have cell phones, frown, have bad posture, smoke, eat while in character. They do these things because they want there characters or cast members to actually be that character for the guest. So the guest feel that they are actually with character at their cottage or castle and so they can get the full Disney experience. They cast members play a very important role in Disney world because without them each land would be boring and dull. They make every land come to life with color and excitement.


The service at Disney has to be professional. They want to make the guest to feel extraordinary. Disney cast member and employee are never allowed to chew gum, have phones, frown, have bad posture, smoke or eat while on the job. They always have to be on their best behavior. they always point with two fingers because pointing with one finer is rude and two finger are easier to see. They aren't allowed to use their cell phone while they are working. they never say I don't know they also call another cast member for help if they know something. Everyone picks up trash so they can keep Disney world clean.