Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus

By: Kristal Johnson

1. Describing Her and Her Personalities

This young teenager has a double sided life on her hands. She is Hannah Montana when she is singing, then Miley Cyrus as a regular school girl. She has so many great personalities. When she is Miley Cyrus, she is funny. Her great humor is what gets her many of her friends she has. Another personality she has is she knows what she want sand how to get. Like, in one of the episodes, she wants the new ZPhone 6. She asked her father and he denied he several times and then gave in. As Hannah Montana, she is a celebrity, everyone loves her, she has a great sense of affection.
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2. Her Physical Appearance

Hannah Montana has Blonde hair, her skin is kind of pale on her skin color. This is a great appearance especially for her when she is on stage in brigh lights.