6th Section of the Constitution

and Its Meaning

Orginal Transcript

The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States. They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.

No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States, which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been encreased during such time; and no Person holding any Office under the United States, shall be a Member of either House during his Continuance in Office.

Modern Translation

Section 6 states that members of Congress shall be paid for their services, that they cannot be arrested while traveling to and from Congress (With the exception of felony, treason and breach of the peace), and that they cannot participate in more than one office while in the Government.

What does that mean?

This section means that if you worked for Congress, you will be repaid for your services. Income cannot be fluctuated while in term, which makes it fair so someone can't lower your income to dissuade you from office.

The fact that cannot be arrested while traveling to and from Congress balances the power from law enforcement. If you worked for Congress and this article did not exist, a police officer may arrest you for something small like a parking violation for the purpose of just taking you out of office.

If you worked for Congress, you cannot work in more than office while in term. this is vital to balance the power, to prevent monopolizing of the Government offices.

So this article exist to balance power and make America a fair, equally powered place!