Women's Weekly

Roles, Rights, & Rulers

New sets of laws!

We women, in ancient Mesopotamia are now not equal to men, but they changed that with the new set of laws. Now we could freely go to the marketplace, buy and sell goods, handle legal issues, own property, and start our own business. But upper class women, like members of the royal family and those who gave their life to the temple as priestesses, could either learn how to read and write or be pour and do everything that lower class woman can do.

Female Monarchs

Queen Ku-baba Azag-bau is a female monarch of Kis. She is also the founder of the Third Dynasty. Us people think that she will reign for about one hundred years. But I don’t think someone can live that long. I mean seriously is she really going to be that old? Before she became queen she was a tavern keeper (aka: bar tender). She is now identified as the goddess Kubaba.

“All hail Kubaba!” a crowd of people said.

New set of laws that will make you HAPPY!

Why are we not equal to men? Why are men superior? If you’re not happy with your husband then come over to the chilly maze where there are new sets of laws that can help you get out of a marriage without any punishments. So, come on over to the chilly maze for all your marriage problems.

“They were so kind while I got my divorcement paper!” said a costumer.

What do you think about the New Rules about women?

"I think the law that says that a 'sister of a god' can't enter a tavern to drink unless they want to be burned to death but I also think that some other rules can protected me as a woman from men."

Latifah- 23 years old

Breaking news!

Hammurabi sent his two of his daughters to be priests. They hated it but they had to deal with it. He could do this because the daughters of the kings are held very highly but there dad can send them to be a slave or another position in the hierarchy. Isn’t that funny!

Jewelry or junk

"I think that jewelry is awesome because it always shows a spiracle somewhere and always attracts people."

Dashinkashayla- 24 years old

Female poets

Enheduanna is a female poet who writes about how she was a high priestess of the mood god temple and daughter of Sargon. Then when her father died every thing changes because her brother kicked her out of her position as high priestess of the Moon Temple and pushes her into the dirt. Now Enheduanna is living a normal harsh life. Trying to figure out how people live like this and if she can handle it.

Happy Birthday Ship-Tu!!

Wednesday, May 23rd 1792 at 2pm


Happy birthday Ship-Tu!! I can't believe you are turning 42!! All of our hope goes to you for your birthday! YAY!!

Women's Clothes

Lots of fabrics are made to make clothes and the expensive ones are usually hard to find like Linen. Linen is a luxurious fabric and is woven for the clothing for the wealthy, priests, and to adorn statues of god. Today is Ship-Tu’s birthday and my neighborhood and I are going to send some dresses made of linen. That has beautiful dyes, appliqués, embroidery, and beads decorated on it. Us women usually wear skirts and tops covered with tiers of fringe. Some times we wear a dress with our right shoulder bare. Our hair is done up in elaborate braided coils.

How do you like the new clothes they brought in from persia?

"I love the new clothes they brought in because they are so soft and plush!"

Shaniqua- 19 years old