Marshall's summer

Especially made for Marshall

Summer recommendations

Summer is a time to rest and relax but I also want to avoid the summer slide. The Primer students will be going into first grade with an extra year of school compared to their peers. I want to keep up the rigor by recommending some camps based on interest and need.

I researched some of the area private school camps and put together this list. I want you to have your child also reflect on their favorite Primer field trip. Many of the places we visited or who came to visit us offer summer camps ( Trinity River Audubon Center, Dallas Children's Theater, Dallas Zoo and Dallas Museum of Modern Art). You can also tie in local resources like SMU for summer camps as well.

Summer Reading

The best advice I can give anyone is to read over the summer. Did you know that your child can get a plethora of prizes just for reading? I have listed below some of my favorites. I will give you a more detailed list at our spring conference. I highly encourage you to "double-dip" in these programs. I would gather all of the logs and then start recording your reading.

This camp sounds like it would benefit Marshall

Marshall has made huge strides this year and I would hate to see him digress.

EXPRESSIONS SOCIAL SKILLS CAMP GRADES 1–4 WEEK 8 Social skills are those communication, problem-solving, decision making, self-management and peer relations abilities that allow one to initiate and maintain positive social relationships with others. Deficits or excesses interfere with learning, teaching, and the classroom’s orchestration and climate. Social competence is linked to peer acceptance, teacher acceptance, inclusion success and post-school success. Through our camp we will target behaviors that include taking turns, asking for help, initiating conversation, joining social groups, expressing feelings appropriately, ‘reading’ other people, and others. Activities will include structured lessons, social games, cooperative learning activities, role playing, direct instruction and discussion groups. Parent training optional. INSTRUCTOR: Tracey Pugh, Greenhill School SCHEDULE: July 20–24, 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. COST: $180

Primer resources

All of the resources used during the school year will be available over the summer. This means you will still have access to:

  • Wixie
  • Kidblog
  • Reflex Math
  • Mathletics
  • Raz-Kids