Andrew J., How NOT to be President

All about Andrew Jackson

Worcester vs. Georgia

The state of Georgia wanted to kick out all of its Native American residents so the Natives fought back, civilly. The Natives filed a lawsuit against the state of Georgia that kicking them out was unconstitutional. This case climbed its way up to the Supreme Court and was ruled unconstitutional, therefore letting the Natives stay in Georgia. Andrew Jackson believed the Natives should be relocated though so he offered them an exchange of land in Oklahoma. The Natives, being as civil as they were gladly went along with the presidents decision to move to Oklahoma.

Ending the National Banks

Andrew Jackson believed that National Banks favored the wealthy over the poor and had become a Monopoly so he would eliminate it. Andrew Jackson grew a massive amount of hatred to the national bank and refused to sign the Bank Recharter Bill. This made him favored by voters during the next election and inevitably won. Though the voters at the time thought this was a good idea it later made it harder for small businesses to get money so it caused an economic downturn in 1833-1834.
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War Record

Andrew Jackson was undoubtedly one of the greatest generals of his time. He fought in the Battle of New Orleans and devised a strategy so crazy it annihilated the opposing enemies. He has the US fight atop a wall that the british could not climb over because the US soldiers would just shoot them before they could make it over. This strategy was so successful that the British suffered 1700 casualties and the US only suffered 200.

Political Cartoon

In this political cartoon Andrew Jackson is depicted as a king because of the numerous times that he totally disregarded the constitution. Andrew Jackson is holding a Veto in his hand because he used the power to veto more than any other president before him. He is standing atop a shredded constitution once again showing his lack of regard for it. This cartoon displays how Andrew Jackson liked to abuse his power through his intimidating past and offers of land to anyone who supported him.
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Andrew Jackson Letter #1 (positive)

Dear James,

Have you heard about Jackson and those Natives in Georgia? Jackson is a really generous man giving them FREE land in Oklahoma. I bet the Indians are really excited for their new opportunities across the country. Also did you hear about how he's going to kill the darn National bank? Shame on them for picking on us poor folk! they deserve to be ended just as the president says! Andrew Jacksons just the best isnt he I mean just look at his astonishing war record. 200-2,000 in the Battle of New Orleans? How could you not love him?!

Sincerely, Thomas

Andrew Jackson Letter #2 (Negative)

Dear Thomas,

Andrew Jackson isn't helping the poor helpless Natives he only wants their land! He's just gonna send them off to Oklahoma where the land is dry and hot. Didn't you hear the supreme courts ruling? The Indians were supposed to stay in Georgia but Jackson totally ignored it and even threatened the court if they were to get in his way! And with the banks, He just doesn't want it because it's helping everyone BUT the government.It also is hard to exchange currency between states. He is making all the bank workers miserable just for his selfish, corrupt needs. Yes his war record is impressive but it was only one battle! If he had fought in many many battles winning them all then he'd be a little more respectable.

Your friend, James