Let's Make a Change!

By Matt Galea, Lucas Mendes, and Josh Thomas

The Problem

Bullying has become a growing problem here at CHS, effecting the precious minds of its students negatively. As Counselor Shelby Berger said, "...students have brought... concerns" (Berger Interview). 61.9% of students say they have stepped in themselves when they see bullying while another 71.43% say that they have seen someone else intervene. But the problem is, bullying is still here, so we encourage everyone to help make a difference and be more active in the struggle to stop bullying. Everyday, if you are prone to watch, you can find bullying, and it is our wish to put an end to it because we care for the students here at CHS.

What YOU Can Do

As you can see, bullying causes depression as well as other personal issues that are very destructive to both the victim and the bully. Here at CHS, the number one goal is to provide a promising future to all of its students, but bullying is compromising that goal. YOU can be on the look out for bullies. YOU can step in and stop it. "[YOU can] be the change that you want to be in the world." ("Gandhi" WWW). It all starts with YOU.


As a group, we are determined to place an end to the awful behaviors and attitudes that are damaging at CHS. We have started a club that will meet every Tuesday and Thursday after school, in the school library, at 4:00 PM. The meetings will act as a support group for the victims, allowing them to share their feelings so we can comfort them and help them out. The club will also have guest speakers once a week who know what bullying is like, how they felt, and how they overcame it. Overall, this club's aim is to further suppress bullying and give a helping hand to those that need it.

The Counseling Staff

Each and every one of these 8 counselors wish to help you and the rest of the students at Coppell High School in any way possible. If you ever have any concerns, whether you saw bullying or it has happened to you, don't be shy. These people are your FRIENDS, and it is their wish to help you out.

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