Softair, come and try it!

Join to our softair group, we play every sunday at 9!

Come and play whit us!

Have you ever tried to play airsoft?
Well then now would be a good time to try it!
If you like being outdoors and in nature then you will like, the only things you need are the glasses in plexiglass and a camouflage, if you havent dont worry we'll take care of everything!
Dont be afraid, you'll not get hurt, even amuse you!
Obviously you do not get hurt if you have adequate protection!

There you'll find us every Sunday in the sporting bar

Take your time, the meeting is at 8 o'clock in front of the sporting bar for breakfast and to talk a little more of this and that before heading out to the field!
We are well organized, equipped and official.
What would you like more?
You will have the chance to enter several teams with various tasks, from the classic ghost recon to the classic rifleman, also you'll participate in the tournament the only thing you will be asked will be the participation and an annual fee of €50 per year for insurance.

Sports fun and suitable for anyone who likes the idea of airsoft

Frequently asked questions

  • What should I wear during games?

A camouflage clothing that is the least visible as possible.

  • When can I join the group?

How much did it more convenient, simply speak to our vice president.

  • On that sum roam the equipment?

It depends on the type of equipment you wish to have, the equipment "base"

proposals are between 200 and 300 Euros, of course agrees equipment of little cost to get started so that if you do not like or want to sell it or you can continue to improve it