Owl Achievers Update

February 2014


I woke up this morning to birds chirping in the trees outside my bedroom window. Yes! BIRDS CHIRPING! What a beautiful sound. Finally, spring is on it's way. For me, cold dark winter days are often difficult to get through. Although I love the excitement and love in the air over the holiday season, with that joy comes lots of stress and even depression when all of the excitement is over. During winter months, I dislike getting up while it's still dark. I dislike coming home from work while it is dark. And most of all, I dislike cold weather. All I want to do during the winter months, especially those after the Christmas holiday is snuggle up in a ball and fall asleep on the couch. These feelings make it difficult to get out there and work my business.

But with the birds chirping in the trees this morning, I feel reinvigorated. I feel refreshed. I feel alive. I am excited about the new beginnings that I will soon start to see in the world around me. Baby birds. Fresh buds on the trees. And soon pops of bright green grass from under the snow and mud that it left behind. I LOVE SPRING. I love what it stands for. I love that at this time of year, not only does nature begin grown and blossom again, but I feel like I am able to grow and blossom again.


I need your help.

Do you have a great story to share of how Origami Owl has changed your life? Do you have a great tip that has helped make your jewelry bars successful? Do you have an amazing story of how Origami Owl has helped your customers? If so, please email. krissi@owlachieve.com I'd love to showcase one or two designers from the team each month. Thanks!

February Recognition

Hoot Hoot Hurray!

Honorable Mention: PV Sales of $1-$98

Melissa Perry

Brooks Carpenter

Maryon DeLisi

Katelyn Earle

Angel Edmonds

Kayleigh Hull

Jacqueline Obernesser

Jennifer Griffitts

Shana Tucciarone

Issac and Carolyn English - $74.20

Bronze Medal: PV Sales of $99-$499

Sandy Smith

Jessica Sanita

Linda Bond

Barbara Moyer

Debra Gauger

Michelle Childress

Kimberly Lambing

Erica Woodward

Teal Carpenter

Nicole Johnson


Abbigail Furman

Andrea Harrell

Diane Perkins

Laurie Spencer

sierra manzi

Tiffany & Alizah Fletcher

Kathy Grosso

Michelle Fountain

Amanda Kuter

Christina Lerner

Jennifer Champney

Jeanne Fowler

Roxane Cramer-Snowman

Trista Simpson

Shannon Borst

Deborah Carkner

Jennifer Winch

Christine Brown - $497.15

Silver Medal: PV Sales of $500-$999

Kristi White

Hope Croneiser

Stacy Kessler

Karen Benson

Amy McFadden

Michele Riggs

Joann Fornino-Hickey

Stephanie Bevins

Jess Hilton

Margaret Larsen

Angela Swank - $987.00

Gold Medal: PV Sales of $1000+

Grace Baker - $1101.00

Dawn Canzoneri - $1152.60

Krissi Newtown - $1813.60

New to the Team

Shannon Holmers - joined 2/19/14 - Mentor Krissi Newtown

Collect medals throughout the year for a chance to win an amazing prize at the end of the year.

10+ Bronze or higher Medals - Chance to win prize valued at $100
8+ Silver or higher Medals - Chance to win prize values at $150
6+ Gold or higher Medals - Chance to win prize valued at $250