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Gaining experience in the equine industry to better prepare me for college and a career. I will be working every week at a thoroughbred barn and at an equine hospital in the spring.


- Learn to give vaccinations and oral medication

- Learn how to bandage

- Learn signs and symptoms of common equine ailments

- Learn proper treatments for ailments

- Become comfortable showing horses in a sale

- Become comfortable with basic care and health

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Every week work 7-8 hours at barn

Every week work 4-5 hours at Parks Equine Hospital in the spring

Methods To Achieve Goals

- Work every weekend

- Ask questions

- Watch

- Offer to help with "bigger" assignments

- Work in different environments

- Take every opportunity

- Self advocate


Reached most goals. Learned things I didn't expect to learn: Standards for equine showing, feeding methods for different outcomes, tips and tricks, restraints, and the industry in general.

To continue my SAE:

- Work somewhere more focused on equine-assisted therapy

- Attend Asbury University for Equine program

- Take opportunities

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