Professional Billiards Team League

9 teams, 5 teams PS Era Begins

Professional Billiards Team League Kicks Off on the 3rd

  • 9 teams, 5 teams PS era begins... Professional billiards team league kicks off on the 3rd

Joining High1 Resort and SY to launch a 9-team system

Ride system → change to zero points… 1 point awarded to the team that lost the full set

The professional billiards PBA team league kicks off with various changes. 온라인카지노

From the 3rd, the PBA will embark on a long journey of about 7 months, starting with Round 1 of the Welcome Savings Bank PBA Team League 2023-2024 at KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province, followed by five rounds and the postseason.

The biggest change this season is joining a new team.

With the new additions of High1 Resort Winners and SY Bazaar, a total of 9 teams have been established, and more games can be enjoyed per round, from 7 days (28 games) to 9 days (36 games).

Also, starting from this season, the rules of the game will also change.

The league ranking rule, which was conducted by the ride system, is changed to a point system.

The winning team gets 3 points and the losing team gets 0 points. In the case of a full set (7 sets) match, the winning team gets 2 points and the losing team gets 1 point.

The method of advancing to the postseason is also different from the previous method of the 4 teams who won and runner-up in the previous and second half leagues, and the winning team in each of the 5 rounds advances to the postseason to determine the champion.

If the winners of each round overlap, the next team in the regular league overall ranking will advance to the postseason.

The postseason matches are based on the overall regular league rankings, and the top team's first-team advantage, which had been held until last season, was abolished.

On the opening day, the 3rd, at 12:30 noon, Blue One Resort and Welcome Savings Bank, who met in the last season's postseason championship match,

Played an opening game, Hana Card-SY (3:30 p.m.), Huons-SK Rent-a-Car (6 p.m.) 30 minutes), High1 Resort-Crown Haitai (11:00 p.m.) will play the game.

The PBA will hold the PBA Team League Media Day at the KINTEX PBA Stadium in Goyang on the 2nd, the day before the opening of the team league.