Team Owl Dazzle You is excited to welcome YOU!


My name is Janice Tarquin, Independent Designer and Executive Team Leader at Origami Owl. I have been with the company since January of 2012. Your mentor is the first person to turn to when you need help. As your team mentor, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have or about any issue that may come up that you cannot find answers to in our backoffice under the O2 Lounge or through your mentor. If you have not joined our team page, please use this link to request to be added, or once you and your mentor (or me) are "Facebook friends" you can be added in. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Owldazzleyou/ We share information, provide tips, training, recognition and share ideas. At the top of the Owl Dazzle you page, there is a "files" tab and there you will find helpful documents.

A Welcome to Origami Owl Video

Here are some tips to help get your business off to a great start. http://cdn-akamai.6connex.com//332/803//Getting_Started_Guide_-_publish_14285327716891446.pdf
Origami Owl has seven original Designers who are "Direct to Corporate Designers." All Origami Owl Teams fall under one of these original Designers. Team Owl Dazzle You is very lucky to be part of the number one and number two teams in the country. Our linage is as follows:

1. Heidi Russell - Executive Director, Team SuperStars

2. Leslie Rhoads - Senior Director (my Mentor), Team Charmed Rockstars

3. Janice Tarquin - Executive Team Leader, Team Owl Dazzle You

4. Your mentor (if it isn't me!)

5. YOU!

You've Joined a Company with Great Core Values!

Origami Owl is a company with high standards; it is one of the things I love about Origami Owl! Take time to watch this video and see what kind of a company we have! http://vimeo.com/7007596

What is Next?

  • You will want to get familiarized with Origami Owl's (O2) Policies and Procedures. This document is posted under the "Files" section of our team page on Facebook, Owl Dazzle You. It contains crucial information on naming a Facebook Fan Page, and generally what you can and cannot do. I suggest running off a hard copy of the Policies and Procedures document, three-hole punch it and put it in a binder for easy reference.

  • Get news from "the Nest" (our home office in Chandler) by going into your back office.

  • Under the heading "Business Tools" you will find several useful items including the Soar to Success Program for new Designer (you earn free stuff

  • Take advantage of the video recordings and be sure to check out the "O2 Academy" tab as well. There is a section specifically for new Designers and tons of other information and resources. Check your back office each day, if at all possible, as news from the home office ("The Nest") will be there.

  • Origami Owl lives out its value of being a Force for Good. Last year, we donated over 1 million dollars to various causes in the United States.

  • You must provide your customers with two copies of their Order Form which gives them proof of purchase in case there is need for replacement or returns. Make sure each copy of the Order Form has your contact information. Investing in a self-inking stamp at some point is not a bad idea! You can order additional Order Forms and other business materials through your back office under the Orders tab.

  • If you have something to return to the Nest, please visit www.returns.origamiowl.com. Most of the time it will not be necessary to ship the item back to the Nest if it is defective. This is on the "honor system" and your returns will be compared to the amount of your pruchases (in other words, don't abuse the system.)

  • Missing items from your order? There is a Missing Item form in your back office in the Document Library. Complete the form and email it to www.missingitems@origamiowl.com

  • Origami Owl has partnered with Agentra to offer insurance benefits to Designers. You can find out more at https://www.agenthealthplans.com/OO/ Also, we have an opportunity to further your education at a discount at Grand Canyon University online.

  • Connect with me, and your other Owl Dazzle You team members through our Facebook Team Page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Owldazzleyou. It is impossible to point your towards every good resource for your business here, but know that your mentor is there to encourage you and help you with questions as you begin your business. You can contact me and I will get back to you promptly. No question is "silly." The only silly questions are the ones that go unasked!

  • Label the catalogs that came in your Designer Kit on the back with your name, and the title of Origami Owl Independent Designer. Include your Designer number and all the contact information your want to share (phone, email, Facebook Fan Page, your Origami Owl website.) I always put a little statement at the bottom of my label that says "Contact me to purchase our beautiful jewelry, host a Jewelry Bar and earn free and half-priced items, or for information on becoming a Designer yourself!"

  • Set some goals. How many Jewelry Bars do you want to hold the following month? How many downline team members are you going to have in the next 6 months? Make your goals challenging, but attainable!

  • Order your business cards. You can order through Fliersdirect.com/origamiowl or we now have a few templates in the back office that you may use with a local printing company. Please feel free to set up a Facebook Fan page when you are ready. There is a video at http://vimeo.com/73182972 that shows how to set up your page at the 9:58 mark. The password is oocall. To follow O2's Policies and Procedures, your page must be named Origami Owl - your name, Independent Designer. Add pictures, from Origami Owl's Facebook page or your Back Office. There are other places to find Origami Owl photos to use (ask your mentor.) Do not edit or crop out another Designer's name, and please keep in mind that any items used for marketing (fliers, rack cards, etc. must be approved through www.marketing@origamiowl.com. We have a resource called creativeapestudios.com who has many designs that are pre-approved by Origami Owl and there are other companies as well.

  • Set aside a space (no matter if it is tiny or large) where you can work your business. Set up a separate email for your O2 business if you like, open a separate business checking account and credit card so that keeping track of your business expenses will be easier, especially for business tax deductions. If you have an Android phone, iPad or other compatible tablet, choose a credit card reader (there are many choices...Paypal, SquareUp, Intuit or PayAnywhere for use at Jewelry Bars or at events such as trade shows, bridal fairs or craft shows. It will accept your customer's credit card numbers to pay for their orders and a small fee will be deducted before the money is deposited in your business checking account. I wouldn't be without one!

  • After you enrolled with Origami Owl, you should have received an email from PayQuicker with a sign-up link to get your debit card. As you are paid by O2, all monies will be deposited onto the debit card. You can manage your account though your PayQuicker account online. Personally, I almost immediately transfer my commissions to my business checking account from PayQuicker. Your weekly comissions from your own personal sales will be deposited on this card and, when you create your own team, your comission from their sales will be deposited as well. The weekly commission period runs from Sunday through Saturday and any comission you earn on your sales will deposit on the following Friday. All monthly team commissions, overrides and bonuses are deposited on the 10th of the month following close of business at mightnight Eastern Standard Time on the last day of each month.

  • Make your contact list right away using the A.L.I.C.E form in your Back Office in the O2 Lounge's Document Library. List all the people you can think of, and don't judge who may or who may not love Origami Owl jewelry. After creating your list, enter those people into your Contact List and O2 Newsletter lists (your Newsletter goes out monthly and can have a personalized message from you each month) under the "Tools" drop down menu in your back office. If you need help with this, ask.

  • Pick that Launch Party date NOW, and begin planning. Create your display using Origami Owl's colors of white and aqua with pops of color in pink, yellow and coral. Your mentor can point you in the right direction! The back office business supplies under Designer Orders have things you can use, but you can also shop at other discount stores local to you.

  • Fill your calender: try to book two parties from your launch party and then two outside bookings. This will give you five in the next 4-6 weeks and will get your business blooming! Don't be too nervous! Your mentor can help you with the "flow" of your Jewelry Bar or you can "shadow" another Designer's Jewelry Bar for a first-hand look. They ARE fun, and when your enthusiasm shines through, your guests will be enthusiastic, too!

  • Create Hostess Packets and Mentoring Packets. Ask your mentor for details. ALWAYS have these a couple of these handy in your purse, tote bag and car. You never know who you might meet that may be interested in being a hostess or joining Origami Owl.

  • Use social media to promote your business, but don't leave out personal contact. Talk to people who comment on your jewelry, offer to send people a catalog if they give you their contact information so they can see how to tell THEIR story in a beautiful custom piece of jewerly. Start conversations with a sincere compliment; I really like your haircut...what salon do you use? Or, a simple how is your day going? How's life treating you? What do you do for a living? If your mouth isn't open, neither is your business!!

  • I can't stress enough how important it is to make contact with people. Don't just give them a business card, have them give YOU their information. I place a Post - It note on the front of each catalog and ask people for their name and contact information so that I can follow up with them on hosting a party, ordering jewelry, or becoming a Designer. I pull off the Post It note and jot a few pieces of information about that person on the back so when I contact them, I can connect by saying, "Susan, this is Janice. I met you at __________ on Tuesday. Is this a good time to chat for a minute, or would tomorrow be better for you?

  • It is a great idea to host your own Jewelry Bar in your home. Invite your hairdresser, the grocery store clerk, a friend you haven't seen in awhile, your neighbors, or you can make it a VIP event for your past hostesses or repeat customers. Plan one about every 2-3 months...some people do the monthly. Do what works for you.

  • Sponsor others into the Origami Owl business...plant those "idea seeds" at your Jewelry Bar by asking what a difference would having an extra income stream in their lives make, or ask them to imagine themselves as a Designer and how their life could change for the better! When they check out with you at a Jewelry Bar, ask them if they would like to be a Designer....one woman I met at a training has grown her team just because she ASKS!

  • You are now a business owner and you not only represent Origami Owl, but your "sister-Designers" throughout the company. Keep your Facebook Fan Page, or other social media pages, respectful and don't post anything that may be offensive to others. You never know who might be looking at your page.

  • Live our Mission Statment. Be a "force for good." Be upbeat, professional, committed, and your business will grow.

How to Contact the Nest:

Designer Care telephone number: (888) 491-0331

The Nest address is:

Origami Owl

3111 W Chandler Blvd

Chandler, AZ 85226

Please add my contact information into your phone or address book.

Wishing you love and success! HOOT! {o,o}

Janice Tarquin

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