Project 1

How to rock out this assignment!

Project Prompt

Project 1 of Civics and Government challenges you to explore the idea of government while creating your own hypothetical government. As you explore the idea of government in this unit, you will generate original and individual responses that will help guide you through the remainder of the project. Unit 2 provides more pointed questions to guide you in shaping your government. Unit 3 follows up with additional questions. In the final three lessons, you will generate an original constitution for your government.

What this means in a nutshell is that you will be developing your own government during lessons 1-15 and creating a presentation around that government.

**NOTE** This is not your typical writing project! This is a presentation that you create over the course of units 1-3 (lessons 1-15). You must work on this on a step-by-step basis if you expect to be successful. What this means for you is that you need to take this seriously from day one and I know you can be successful!

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Project Steps

  • You will work on this project on each lesson (lessons 1-15) and turn in your final presentation at the end of lesson 15.

  • During each lesson you will complete a step of this project. YOU MUST COMPLETE THESE STEPS. Your project steps for this project are worth 2.5% of your grade in this class. The final draft is worth 10% of your class grade. This means this project is worth 12.5% of your grade in this course…so take this seriously!

  • Each step you complete will help you in your goal of creating a final presentation.

  • CLICK ON THE PROJECT DIRECTIONS AND RUBRIC BELOW. You MUST review this information so you can be successful on this project.


Rough Draft Worksheet

Below you will see your rough draft worksheet. Use this to help you do your project steps on each lesson. This will allow you to plan out each day and knock those steps out. Make sure you save this on your computer before you start working and re-save it each time you use it.
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Project 1 Recording

I have created a project 1 recording for you that gives you a visual of what you need to be doing on a daily basis as far as your project steps. Remember on lessons 1-12 you complete a project step, on lesson 13 you turn in those steps via your rough draft, on lesson 14 you have a revision lesson, and on lesson 15 you turn in your final presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Presentations, etc). You must be working on these steps on a daily basis because they help you build up your project over time instead of just trying to do it in one big chunk! If you have any questions please let me know. **NOTE** You DO NOT upload each step. You need to work on each step on your own and save them on your own. You will upload your steps on lesson 13 with your rough draft and you will upload your final presentation on lesson 15.

Project 1 Recording: I go over the project directions here and breakdown the project for you!

What to do if you need help...

  • If you need help of any kind on this project CALL ME. I am here to help you be successful. Make sure you call me early on in the process and not at the end. Waiting until the end will only hurt your success. Getting with me early can help you be successful. My phone number here at the school is 480-436-5004

  • READ THE DIRECTIONS. They are up above in a Google Doc so you can just click on it and open them. Careful review of the directions can help anyone be successful. Those directions breakdown each section of the project for you.


Our system will not accept "Pages" documents so you need to download Open Office (this is free). Go here:

Go to the bottom where it says software + plugin requirements and there is a link for a free download for Open Office under additional software suggestions. You can download this for free then you can save your documents as a Word File. When you are done typing your work click save as then you can save as a Word file. Word files, PowerPoint files (Presentations on Open Office) can be uploaded to the Primavera system. You can also use Prezi or Google Drive to create your presentation of course. Remember all Google links and Prezi links must be made public and saved to a document then uploaded.