Amendment 7

$20 or more, rich or poor, amendment 7 will be at your door

By Nirmal Patel & Max Hovasse

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What does "the value in controversy shall exceed twenty dollars," mean?

The 7th amendment gives you the right to a jury trial for civil case over property more than $20 and the lawsuit itself must be more that $20.
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Common law vs Equity law

Common law has more to do with the trial by jury and In equity law you can be tried by a judge.
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Example of common law and equity law

If a person got their car stolen then under common law they could sue the other person and under equity law the victim can impose injunctions ,or court orders,which mean they can prevent the culprit from coming near the property ever again.
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a jury is a group of people, who are selected for the case, that decide if the the defendant is guilty or not guilty, and id the defendant has to endure the punishment given.
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Target Audiance

Common citizens because anyone could have a jury trial for many reasons like suing another person, or committing a crime and they own property.
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