Birth Order Stages

Oldest, Middle, Youngest, Only

Outline of Birth Order

Have you ever wondered why your older sister would try to play parent to you growing up or how about your baby brother that did just about anything to get the attention of anyone and everyone who would listen? Although, the birth theory may seem complicated at first, it's not. Once you understand how it works, it'll be easy to apply it to your daily life.
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Oldest Children Facts

Advantage --

1) having your own room

2) don't fight for attention from parents

3) advantage of being an oldest child

Disadvantages --

1) no one to play with

2) might like being alone

3) no role models

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Middle Children Facts

-personalities are usually have opposite personalities than the oldest child

-feel "squeezed out."

-they are free-spirited, independent & sometimes rebellious.

-don't get as much attention.

-place great value on loyalty.

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Youngest Children Facts

-The last born child is often described as sociable, charming, loving, and open, but also as temperamental, irresponsible, and self-centered.

Disadvantages --

1) picked on a lot from Oder siblings

2) get your older siblings clothes & toys.

Advantages --

1) being treated as the baby of the family

2) possibly getting spoiled

Only Children Facts

-Only children are described as being "spoiled, selfish, controlling & bratty."

-Don't like being alone.

-Get more presents than multiple children.

-More one-on-one with parents

-They don't have to share a room.

-They feel like they can do more.

-Dependinf on the parent the child either has a lot of rules or not any at all.

-More time with family.

-usually closer with cousins.