Why Alcohol ?????

It isn't your life


"Alcohol is the common name for a substance known as ethyl alcohol, which is created through a process called fermentation. In fermentation, grain, fruit, honey, or other foods containing sugar are mixed with yeast. The yeast, which is a living organism, consumes the sugar and produces carbon dioxide along with ethyl alcohol. Beer, wine, and so-called “hard” or distilled liquors, such as whiskey, rum, and vodka, all contain alcohol."

The Damages It Will Do To You

Damages & Statistics

Alcoholics drink to escape a problem and they get drunk to avoid the problem.

"Health experts believe that alcohol leads to alcoholism."

"Alcoholism usually takes from five to seven years to develop out your system."

"One out of every eight Americans who uses alcohol suffers from the chronic."

"Twenty-eight million Americans - one out of eight- are children of alcoholics."

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