Book Theme #1 - Selfishness

BMS Summer Reading Assignment - Adriano Lopez

Selfishness Theme

The Village, as it is called, it is an old fashion village were everyone cared for one another until mentor starts to trade in the trademarks. Mentor, the school teacher mentality is that trademark is important and he keeps trading although it is a bad thing to do. No one knows he is doing it but he is doing it out of greed and selfishness. He is also too concerned about his appearance rather than teaching others.

Another way that shows selfishness is by the town people opposing newcomers to the village. Leader, the leader of the village had to make a meeting an open it to debate where town people took turn making their cases in whether or not allow people to close the gate to the village.

Mentor nearly acknowledge his daughter that he has. He never reads poetry anymore. And just does not think trade he really has been focusing on the trade. Mentor trade one of the most valuable asset which was his deepest.

There are a lot of people who show selfishness in the story. This is indicated by when sick and wounded people came to the village, they were turned away by most villagers. Luckily, there were loving people remaining in the village and they took care of the sick and wounded. It seems not all hope is lost after all.

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