All About Me

Joshua Oestreicher

Background information

My name is Joshua Adam Oestreicher. I was born on June 5, 1997 in Plano Texas. My parents named me after people from the Bible. My family and I are very religious . I like to set a lot of goals for myself and I don't use obstacles as an excuse for me not achieving my goals or to prevent me from having succes. For example, when I broke my arm I had to go to physical therapy for a year. I was told that my arm probably would not function the same again. I did not give up or use it as an excuse to stop me from playing sports. After a great deal of work, my arm is back to normal again.

Academic and Career Goals

I would like to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice and continue to receive a Master's degree. My goal is to prepare for a career working for the FBI where I can investigate and solve crimes.


Elementary: Liberty Elementary

Middle school: Mckamy Middle School

High School: Flowermound High School


Excalibur Knight award from McKamy Middle School

Jamin' Jaguar award from Flower Mound High School

Extracurricular Activites

Boy Scouts

Church Youth Group

Spanish club

Playing Basketball


walking my dog


I prefer to get a job during the summer so I can focus on school during the school year, but throughout the year I get paid for mowing lawns.