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Weekly Blog March 2nd-6th, 2015

Wacky Weather

"Oh Say Can You Say What's the Weather Today"! (Dr. Seuss)

Students became meteorologists as they gave their wacky weather reports, Seuss style with colorful umbrella hats. We are posting videos too on our Facebook page. It's sure to make you smile. I think we may see some friends on the news giving a full report some day:)

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Clay Sculptures and a visit to the Atelier

Art Gallery Showcase 2015

This week students have been designing pieces for our Art Gallery Showcase. Sculpting clay using knives, sticks, toothpicks to create etchings and then using beads, gems, straws to embellish their sculptures. They are looking absolutely amazing and one of a kind. Students have also become inspired by Andy Warhol and began a multiply step and very colorful project in he aleier

Dr. Seuss at TerraNichol Academy

Students have enjoyed classic stories by the rhyming master Dr. Seuss! Green Eggs and Ham, Socks on Fox, and The Cat and the Hat seem to be their favorites so far. Students created murals depicting their version of Green Eggs and Ham. We graphed who would be brave enough to try green eggs and ham and it seemed like everyone was willing! We have also enjoyed the Dr. Seuss photo booth that we set up on the outdoor stage! To honor Dr. Seuss we introduced a new song to students about rhyming and poetry. The catchy tune goes like this: "I'm a poet, and I know it, try to show it everyday!" You will probably hear your child singing it as we find them doing so at lunch, while playing, all throughout the day!
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Learning Labs

We think a picture speaks a thousand words. We hope that you enjoy this picture walk through learning labs!

Calypso Music Appreciation

Catch The Calypso Beat and Put It in Your Feet!

Students will travel to the island of Trinidad to explore the feel of Calypso music and participate in a Trinidadian popular dance, the Limbo. Students will be able to perform a Calypso rhythmic pattern with the learning lab musical instruments and will accompany their own Limbo dance while exploring the social and cultural context of Calypso music.

We will also continue to explore the different types of instrumentals played to develop Calypso music and read the very fun book "Creepy Crawly Calypso".

Breakfast with Loved Ones

We hope everyone enjoyed having breakfast with their favorite preschooler!

March Learning Labs

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