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'' Strive for Greatness''

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The Role Of A Football Player

The role of a football player is to play a sport they are much talented at. Football is a tough sport and takes a ton of hard work and dedication. To be a football player you have to risk your body every game risking many injuries that lead to being harmed in the future. Playing this sport takes hard work but it eventually pays off. Average football players make about a year is 1.9 million. The more talented you are the more your contract will be extended. This amount of money could support your family for many years and keep you wealthy in your lifetime.

Skills to be a Football Player

1) Teamwork

2) High level of fitness and stamina

3) Determination

4) Football talent

5) Intelligence

6) Self-dicipline

Why Do You Need These Skills?

Teamwork- Teamwork is needed in playing any sport. No one could play a sport and win on there own without a team. " There is no I in TEAM''.

Fitness and Stamina-Fitness and Stamina is needed because during many sport activities there are not many breaks while the game goes on.

Determination- Determination is needed because being a "Major Leaguer" does not come easy it takes many years of hard work. Frustration does happen often and leads people to quit. Having determination is one of the most important keys to becoming successful in life.

Football Talent- Having the talent allows you to go on and make more money to support yourself and your family. the more talented you are the more money you make.

Intelligence- Having intelligence is important in playing a sport. Its not just about playing football or any sport its about making there right choices in your career.

Self discipline- Having Self-dicipline leads to to train harder and believe that you could do it.