Do you wanna be a Librarian?

More than stacking books!

It's a life full of many things.

It's a life full of mystery, and misery.

Loneliness, but adventure.

And a chance to save the world, twice before Friday.

I bet you hope you got a white envelope!

Librarians go through many things.

You might turn into a vampire.

You might be stabbed by Excalibur (the sword in the stone).

You might be trapped in an inescapable Labyrinth.

You might turn into a random fairy-tale character.

You might be trapped in a haunted house.

You might meet Santa Claus (yes, he's real).

You might jump through different timelines.

You might meet Fictionals like and Prospero.

You might be taken by a monster that feeds on ego into an alternate world and get eaten.

You might feel be trapped in a time-loop that is possibly a video game.

You might be controlled into thinking you have your own "happily ever after" as your life.

You might even be frozen for 400 years.

And of course, you WILL die several times.

Flynn Carsen (Librarian) and Eve Baird (Guardian)


Flynn is THE Librarian, and Eve is the Guardian. Flynn found the Spear of Destiny, King David's tomb, and the Judas Chalice. Eve is the Guardian. Guardians protect the Librarian (or Librarians). But they don't protect their bodies, they protect their souls.

Are you a NORMAL librarian, A librarian, or THE Librarian?

"What's the difference?" you might ask. If you are confused, you won't be for long. A normal librarian stacks books on shelves. Sorry, but that's not what we're talking about. A librarian protects magical items, for magic in the wrong hands is dangerous. Librarians usually work together to find the items. If they split up on different quests, it usually isn't that good. The Librarian usually works without the other librarians. He or she will go on the longer and more challenging quests while the librarians work together.

You need to be prepared.

You might meet someone you never thought you'd meet.

You might see something you never thought you'd see.

You might go somewhere you never thought you'd go.

Librarians and Guardians need to be prepared for the worst. You need your brain. You need to solve puzzles. You also need to be open-minded. Weird things might happen that might never happen if you weren't working for the Library. Weird is part of the job.