The Art of Effective #EdTech PD

Chris Miller

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Designed for EdTechs and Instructional Coaches, participants in this hands-on session will design effective EdTech PD that teachers from varying backgrounds can enjoy. Participants will need an iPad with iOS 7 and iMovie installed in order to complete the "take away" PD lesson from this session.

Essential Questions

What is "effective" EdTech PD?

How can I create experiences for my audience that has these same qualities?


  • What constitutes effective EdTech PD?
  • TPACK and some other stuff
  • Designing workflows
  • Breaking down an app
  • Putting it all together
  • Reflections and moving forward
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Designing Effective Workflows

Pages (Current Version) Template

Use this version only if you have the latest version of Pages on your iPad or Mac.

Pages '09 Version

Use this if you are unsure which version of Pages you are using.

MS Word Version

Do not edit this directly in Google Drive. Copy it if you can or send me your email.

PDF - View Only Version

Use this if the others fail. You can follow along in your own document and get the same results.

Deconstructing Apps: iMovie

Lights!, Camera!, Action! with iMovie!

Lesson resources for iMovie for iOS PD session.

Chris Miller

IT Director for K-12 in Sanger, TX. Grateful husband and proud father of 2. Hopeless EdTech nerd. Excited to help schools teach kids for their futures, today.