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May 23, 2022

Hi Eagle Families!

It is the last week of the 2021-2022 school year! I can't believe how time has flown, but we are so proud of the amazing growth your Eagles have made this year. We will be celebrating our 5th graders at their 5th Grade Celebration this Tuesday, May 24 from 6-7:30 (only 2 guests please) and our school-wide Field Day is currently scheduled on Wednesday, May 25 (although it looks like rain, so our rain date is Thursday, May 26). It is important for all of our Eagles to realize they will not be able to participate in Field Day if they have referrals. Please encourage your Eagle(s) to follow staff direction, use kind words, and keep their hands to themselves to avoid any referrals for the remainder of the year.

Chromebook collection will occur last week and fine letters were sent home for Eagles. If students are missing an item or their devices have sustained damage a fine will be issued to the student. A missing chromebook will receive a fine of $200, a missing charger will receive a fine of $20, and fines for damage will be dependent on the type of damage.

Thank you for being an amazing school community! Lee-Hamilton is an amazing place, because of our families, students, and staff. Please let me know if you need anything! Have a great week!

Amanda Eye


Eye on the Eagle Way Video ~ Shown to Students Monday morning

LH Band Concert

Check out our LH Band students! They did an amazing job! Thank you, Mr. Ridge, for your dedication to and support of our Eagles!

Upcoming Events

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5th Grade Families ~ Save the Date for Lee-Hamilton's 5th Grade Celebration

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5th Grade Celebration Letter (Sent Home May 13)

Dear 5th Grade Eagle Families,

On Tuesday May 24, 2022 from 6:00-7:30 P.M. Lee Hamilton will host The 5th Grade Transition and Awards Ceremony. Students will be recognized for their outstanding work this school year. Following the awards ceremony, there will be refreshments and an opportunity to take pictures at our Selfie-Booth. Due to spacing constraints, Ms. Cornell and Ms. Susina’s classes will receive their awards first in the gym, while Ms. Ellison and Mrs. Castellano’s classes enjoy refreshments. There will be a quick transition and we will switch places. We expect the award ceremony to last approximately one hour and the reception will last approximately 30 minutes.

Due to both space and COVID concerns we ask that each student limit their guests/family members to 2 guests. If you would like to donate one of your tickets to another family, please complete this short form.

Parking will also be limited, so we encourage families to park on our blacktop beginning along the retaining wall and then making new rows as needed leaving space for exit.

In order to provide refreshments for families, we are requesting that each student donate $10. This will cover the cost of drinks, cupcakes, chips, and activity supplies.

If a student is unable to attend the ceremony, they will be able to pick up certificates and gifts on Wednesday, May 25.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher.

Thank you,

The 5th Grade Team

Imagine Math Challenge

Congratulations to Ms. Shipley's classroom for winning our May Challenge with a class average of 120 lessons passed. Our May Challenge requires that every Eagle complete 50 Imagine Math lessons. Our winning class for May will receive a pizza party!
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Just a few reminders. Cell Phones - Students should never have a cell phone out or have it make noise while on campus. If a staff member notices a student using a cell phone it will be kept in the office and a family member will be required to pick it up from school. Purses - Students will only be able to carry a purse or bag during restroom break if it is needed. Otherwise, all purses/bags will need to be stored with the student's backpack during the day and will not be able to carried around the building.
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Hazel Health ~ New Health Service for Students

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When your child is feeling sick, you want to get care quickly. Our student health partner, Hazel Health, provides virtual medical visits for our students. If you haven’t yet, please sign the student health consent form at today!

How does it work?

Students have access to virtual medical visits right in the school nurse's office. The school nurse will communicate with a student’s parent when the nurse feels a medical visit is warranted. Hazel Health providers can evaluate your child’s symptoms and provide the appropriate type of treatment. If your child is sick at home, parents can also access Hazel Health medical visits from home from 7 a.m.- 5 p.m. on school days. Contact a medical provider from home by clicking here:

Please note:

  • Parents in participating schools will have the ability to opt-in or out of the program at any time, and no student will participate or be treated unless a parent has given their consent.

  • This service is NOT intended to replace an established relationship with your primary care physician. It is designed to increase access to quality health care for all students, safely keep healthy students in school and occasionally provide convenience - particularly for working parents.

  • Sick children should still stay home from school, but if an issue arises once a student is on campus, Hazel Health is a convenient option for parents who have given their consent.

  • More information can be found on the District website:

If you have questions or need any additional information please contact your school nurse or Corliss Christopher, RN, BSN - Nurse Coordinator ( or 314-824-2043)

Hazel Health Services Frequently Asked Questions

Students now have access to virtual doctor visits through Hazel Health. A signed consent form is required to access this service. You can sign that form at

This service is NOT for medical emergencies; if you are experiencing a medical emergency please visit your nearest hospital emergency room or call 911.

Why is this service being offered?

  • This service is part of an ongoing effort to give our families options and tools to help keep students healthy, so they can be at school and learning.

  • Instead of having to leave school to see a doctor, students can now see a provider within a few minutes at school from the nurse’s office.

  • In addition, for families that don’t have good access to a doctor, or in cases where wait times to see doctors are long, this service gives families an option.

Who is Hazel Health?

  • Hazel Health is FFSD’s partner. They provide the equipment, medical providers, and training to support our nurses with on-demand telehealth.

  • Hazel Health is an independent, private medical practice focused exclusively on student health and wellness. Hazel Health is not an entity of the school district, local or state government, or national government.

Am I required to use this service?

  • No, this is an optional service and the choice to participate is with families.

    • However, so nurses know which students are consented to receive telehealthcare, we are asking all FFSD families to let us know their preference via the parental consent form here or we can provide a paper consent form.

How does Hazel Health at School work?

Students have access to virtual medical visits right in the school nurse’s office. The school nurse will communicate with a student’s parent when the nurse feels a medical visit is warranted. Hazel Health providers can evaluate your child’s symptoms and provide the appropriate type of treatment. If your child is sick at home, parents can also access Hazel Health providers from home from 7 a.m.-5 p.m. on school days. Parents will have the ability to opt-in or out of the program at any time, and no student will participate or be treated unless a parent has given their consent.

  • When a student is in school, a nurse or aid can start a virtual doctor visit within minutes -- right from the school nurse’s office. Hazel Health providers will evaluate the student’s symptoms and provide the appropriate treatment along with next steps. The provider will advise if the student can return safely to class, or if additional care is needed.

  • Hazel Health at School is available during school hours, from the first bell to the last bell.

How does Hazel Health at Home work?

  • When at home, families can connect with Hazel Health doctors from any device including mobile. To start a visit, a parent/guardian shares the child’s health concerns at A Hazel Health provider will initiate a phone or video visit with the child and the parent/guardian.

  • Messages can be sent to Hazel Health at any time. A response will be provided within one business day. Providers are available for visits, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (local time).

  • Hazel Health at Home is available over the summer months. Providers are not accessible for visits on major holidays.

Who is eligible to use Hazel Health?

  • Any student, 3 years of age or older, who is currently enrolled in FFSD schools is eligible for Hazel Health services. Children between the ages of 3-5 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian on the Hazel Health visit via audio.

How can a student be signed up to use Hazel Health?

Who are the Hazel Health medical providers?

  • Hazel Health medical providers are state-licensed physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

If a student needs a prescription refill, can Hazel Health help?

  • Yes, providers can write prescriptions, if medically appropriate. The parent/guardian will be contacted if a prescription is needed. Hazel Health will order the prescription to be filled at the preferred pharmacy. Families are responsible for the cost of the prescription.

What is the cost to families to use Hazel Health?

  • There is no cost to families for Hazel Health visits this school year. There may be costs associated with prescriptions and any ancillary care outside of the Hazel Health visit.

Who handles insurance processing?

  • Hazel Health handles all insurance processing

What if a student already has a primary care provider?

  • Hazel Health is not a replacement for primary care services. Families are encouraged to establish an active relationship (often referred to as a medical home) with a primary care provider (PCP) for all children.

  • Hazel Health providers encourage families to follow the well visit schedule for primary care check-ups.

  • If a student or family needs help finding a primary care provider in a local area (or needs to be referred to a local provider for additional services), Hazel Health can help. Contact the Hazel Health care team at (314) 648-8826 or via a supplied link.

  • Hazel Health will coordinate with a student’s primary care provider, when applicable, to ensure continuity of care. A copy of the discharge summary will be sent to the primary care provider when the fax number is included on the Hazel Health consent form.

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Lee-Hamilton Family Calendar

Includes events for the year. Days, Times, and Format Subject to Change.

Grading - Report Cards

Report cards for 3rd quarter are ready. All 3-5 schools in Ferguson-Florissant are beginning to utilize standards-based grading. This will allow you to easily see how your Eagle is progressing with our state standards. You may have noticed numbered scoring on standards that have been taught so far this year. I am attaching below a few images that help explain standards-based grading. Please contact your Eagle's teacher with any additional questions.
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New District Tutoring Program ~ Tutor Me

To help support our students the District has purchased a tutoring program, Tutor Me. Below is some general information and directions to access this program while at home. As a building, we are currently exploring options for sending chromebooks home with students to provide access, as needed.
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Lunch & Food Items

Please make sure to send healthy food items for students for lunch. For example, students are not allowed to have soda and should have a limited amount of sweets. Avoid sending items that contain peanuts, as we have many students with allergies. Also, students are not allowed to bring just a bag chips, even if they are getting a school lunch. Any chips must accompany a homemade lunch. A healthy lunch provides the right kind of energy to help students be successful all day at school. Thank you for your help!

Lee-Hamilton Title 1

Thank you for joining us for our Title 1 Meeting & Open House! You can see a the presentation by clicking the link below. Please complete the survey to provide us feedback.

Lee-Hamilton Compact for Learning

Each year we ask families to complete a compact for learning. Please complete this week. Thank you so much!
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Chromebook Collection

Please make sure if you still have a chromebook that you return it to any district school during their office hours. You can also send it with your Eagle to school. It is essential that these chromebooks are returned, so that they can be prepared for students. If your student still has a chromebook out, they will not have access to one at school until it is returned and looked at by our district technology professionals. Thank you for helping us make sure every student has access to a chromebook.

Lee-Hamilton Virtual Meet the Teacher

Virtual Lee-Hamilton Tour

Arrival & Dismissal

Lee-Hamilton Family Handbook

Check out our handbook for important information regarding the school day, arrival and dismissal, and much more!
Parent Login for Tyler Portal

Make sure Parent is selected.

Who's My Student's Teacher?

Directions for Finding Your Student's Teacher on Tyler Portal with Pictures

Lee-Hamilton 2021-2022 School Supply List (Click Here)

If you are having trouble getting your Eagle supplies, please let the office know, so we can support you.

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The Eagle Way Expectations

We hold our students to the highest of expectations at Lee-Hamilton to help them prepare for success! We expect our students to Be Responsible, Safe, Cooperative, and Kind. We expect them to Persevere through school work and situations that are challenging. Our expectations are included in the matrix linked below for you to review with your student, so they are prepared for a successful school year. We also will spend each morning meeting with your Eagles discussing these expectations and providing them with the strategies and skills to reach them.
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Covid-19 Supports

How to Register for the COVID-19 Vaccine

St. Louis County Department of Public Health has provided information about COVID-19 vaccinations and registration information:In addition, Mercy hospital systems is a venue to sign up for the COVID vaccine. It is similar to the Department of Health sign up and you can opt to receive a notification when you can schedule an appointment.

Phase 1B now includes tiers for prioritization. Read complete details about the Phase 1B Tiers here at

Additional information about vaccine pre-registration and eligibility can be found here.
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A Huge THANK YOU to our Supporters! We Need Your Help!

We have been very lucky this year to have many supporters for our Lee-Hamilton Eagles. Schnucks in Ferguson very kindly donated all of the bags we used at the beginning of the school year for student materials and Papa John's in Ferguson has given us a school discount on our our pizzas. A special thank you goes out to Doozles, Freddy's, and Dairy Queen in Florissant for each donating more than 100 ice cream treats to our Eagles. We have been sending home their ice cream certificates with each certificate awarded to an Eagle for demonstrating the Eagle Way of responsibility, safety, cooperation, kindness, and perseverance. We would like to make a special poster for each of these businesses, so if you have a photo of your Eagle with their certificate or eating their ice cream I would love to include it in the thank you message for these businesses. You can send me the photo via Dojo or via email at Also, if you have an opportunity please frequent these businesses and thank them for their support.
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Family Supports

Student (& Family) Self-Care is Important!

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CHADS Coalition - Options for Mentoring and Other Family Supports

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Local Libraries Offering WiFi Hotspots to Checkout & Free Online Tutoring

Our local libraries, the Ferguson Municipal Public Library and the St. Louis County Library, are great resources for a variety of activities and supports. Check out the links below for access to resources from our local libraries, including the ability to check out WiFi Hotspots and free online tutoring.