From Trees to Paper

By:Hannah Thole

Where is Paper from

What do you know about paper? People use paper everyday so do you. Paper can be colorful like every color also white white is the popularist paper color. Everything can be done with paper you can make a list with it also stores,comics,notes and school things.Is paper useful everywhere!

Trees to Paper

Paper starts out as a tree. The tree is cut into groups like hard wood and soft wood. Then they see if the hard wood is thin and the soft wood is thick. After they cut down the tree into small pieces. The chips get heated with large vesels to 200 part water ,wood ,water,energy,fiber freezes the water. They only cut down pine trees ,oat trees,fir trees,maple trees to make paper.

At the Factory

The big sheet or paper gets split into smaller sheets in tell it is the right size. After they seal the paper surface. Then the paper is laid out to dry. Finally it goes to the distribution center.

Lets keep going

Trucks drop off the paper to the distribution center. They make the paper ready to go to the store. Paper is in the packets so right when the trucks come they put it on.

Paper is almost done

There are lots of ways you can make paper like to toilet paper,newspaper,paper bags. There is always a smooth finish. How do you use paper?
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