Bullying In The Classroom

By:Allissa Sloan

The truth about bullying

Most parents don't realize what they do around their child effects there children in more ways then one. With what the parent does, how the parent talks to either there child or someone else. With that being said when a parent isn't careful about what they are doing around their child, that child could bring that behavior into the classroom and think that there behavior that they sore having is a okay behavior to have even though its not. For example bullying. Bullying is the most common thing seen in classrooms everywhere and bullying isn't just calling someone names now it is hitting someone, yelling at someone, singling someone out of a activity.



Here are some helpful tips to help stop bullying.

1) Make sure that every child is involved innevery sctiy and tjst everyone is playing fairly. Such as no one oicking on someone else because they can't do something as good as someone else.

2) As a adult make sure you watch what you are saying around children because they learn from what we do.

3)Make sure that it is a friendly environment that a child feels comfortable for the child to come and talk to you without getting judged

4) If younsee someone being bullied , you need to stop it before it goes any further.The key to stopping bullying is to stop it before it even happens.