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How do we get them to retain material?

High Yield Strategies are research-based strategies that promote deeper understanding and retention of material. Lead4ward has created a list of effective strategies you can use in all lessons. Here are a few favorites:

3-2-1 Summary

There are many variations of the 3-2-1 summary to assess students comprehension and understanding of materials. Here are a few you can mix up and use as formative assessments, exit tickets, or critical writes:

3- Things I learner

2- Examples of what I learned

1- Question I still have

3- Things I learned

2- Questions I have

1- Short summary

3- Things I read

2- Inferences I can make

1- Wonder I have

3- Things I learned

2- Questions

1- Idea that stuck with me

3- Things I learned

2- Questions

1- thing I still want to know

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Retrieval Practice

If you don't follow the Cult of Pedagogy you should! Jennifer Gonzalez provides educators with great research-based practices. You can either read her blog or listen to her podcast for a wealth of information. In this blog/podcast she discusses retrieval practices and how the brain works. She notes practices such as braindump help learners gain a deeper understanding, build background, and retain information. Brain Dump and Graffiti are two High Yield Strategies that activate the brain during retrieval practice.

Brain Dump: In a certain length of time students write everything they know about a topic.

Graffiti: Set a timer for one minute. Have student draw a one minute graffiti representing the major concept taught during a lesson.

Read Jennifer's blog for the research and digital and nondigital retrieval practice activities.


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