German Shepherds

Playing and Learning to be tuff

New toys

German Shepherds have toys.Most people just think they are hunting and guard dogs. But no these dogs are just like normal dogs. They eat, dig holes, bark, and they also nap. They have squeaky toys, tug a war, and hard toys.


German Shepherds are hunting dogs. They hunt birds, rabbits and bunnies, and mice. Some dogs are in the army helping people.Like the movie Max. In the movie the German Shepherd helps the man and Max (the German Shepherd) also loves and saves him.

Helping People and Being Kind

Some German Shepherds help blind and deaf people. For an example the dogs help the people go on a walk. They also get the phone and get the groceries. So the dogs are forced to do this? No!!!! These dogs can do this if they want to help the people. Also help the people that can not walk so the dogs pull them with a leash.


Most German Shepherds behave but some do not. Sometimes they are so bad they have to go back to get training. that means they go back to they were raised. Some have long and short tails. Did you know you are also learning with the dog?

5 facts about German Shepherds

#1 German Shepherds are wolves.

#2 German Shepherds tails will like NEVER go down!!!

#3 German Shepherds are great at smelling.

#4 German Shepherds have a long mouth

#5 German Shepherds will grow up to be BIG DOGS!!!

Learning You and Them

When you are teaching the dog you are learning to. Like you see how they behave. Like if you tell them sit and they come. That means they did not hear you. So you should read this if you have a German Shepherd so I hope you liked it.
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