Conductors, Semiconductors, and Insulators


Conductors are materials that freely allow the flow of electrons with very little resistance.

ex;copper, water, salt

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Semiconductors are materials that do not allow electors to flow freely, do not directly stop them either, more resistance than a conductor's, less resistance than insulators.

Ex;Silicons that are used in computer chips, cotton, sand, paper

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Insulators are materials that greatly impede or stop the flow of electrons with very high resistance.

ex;glass, rubber, dry air, eraser, water, wood

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conductor vs semiconductor

Similarity:They both allow energy to pass without stopping it completely.

Differences:The semiconductor has more resistance than a conductor energy-wise.

Semiconductors vs Insulators

Similarity:They both resist energy from flowing.

Differences:Insulators stop the energy from flowing completely compared to the semiconductor.

Insulators vs Conductor

Similarity:They are both involved with electrons.

Differences:Conductor allows energy to flow freely, while Insulators stop energy from flowing completely.