"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 9-12-14

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Think Win Win, Synergize and Yee-Haws!

Yee-Haws to:

  • Thank you to everyone for being at our Staff Meeting and sharing your Super Powers!
  • Thank you Julie Norby for sharing this fun activity!
  • Dawn for doing our Volunteer Training and making our Workroom full of visuals and clear instructions for volunteers
  • Jojo for representing our teachers at the PTO meeting on Thursday.
  • Nora, Robyn, Crystal, and Carrie for meeting Thurs. AM to discuss ongoing Safe School Ambassador meetings.
  • Judy for sending our a garden survey. Can't wait to see plants growing!
  • Thank you PTA Staff Appreciation Committee for our great lunch!
  • Debbie for teaching our students a new Hawk PRIDE song! Can't wait to hear this at our next Friday Assembly!
  • Robyn for preparing for our Internet Safety meeting with parents and upper grade students next Wed. evening.
  • Lindsay for getting Maggie's Club off and running with 38 super happy readers. Students loved reading to the dogs, and the dogs were equally happy. Talk about win-win.
  • Everyone's flexibility and help during this hot week!
  • Crystal for organizing the Solana Ranch Leadership Council for our 6th grade students!
  • Happy Birthday to Ashley 9-22, Neva - 9-23, Jojo -9-26!

I was so proud to show our school to Fallbrook, who is in the process of planning for two rebuilds in their district. They were in awe of our school and the environment each of you have created. Hawk PRIDE abounds!
Go Hawks!

Put First Things First (Announcements/Reminders)

  • Lucy Calkins Training for signed up staff on 9/24.
  • Gratitude Board - Have something your grateful for, put it up on the "Gratitude Board"
  • Math Interviews can be done 2x per year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Thank you Terry Decker and Julie Norby
  • Ability Awareness Week - Oct. 6-10. The Crash Wheel, about Kevin Pearce, a famous snowboarding Olympic hopeful who has a traumatic brain injury will get us ready on Oct. 2nd from 5:30-7:00 PM for our 4-6th grade students and their parents.
  • Great optional activities per grade level: http://www.srvusd.net/AbilityAwarenessProgramElementary
  • Internet Safety Program for Parents - 5:30 on 9-24
  • Responsible Use of Tech. for our Upper Grade Students: Fri. 1:05-1:45 4th & 5th grade, 1:45-2:15 6th grade
  • 3-in-1 Drill on Thursday - Procedures to be emailed out soon.
  • Goals due on 9-26 if being observed this year.
  • Student Success Day - Oct. 15 - Details to come

Sharpen The Saw

  1. Solana Ranch Happy Hour @ Enoteca - 9-24
  2. After School Trail Walk/Run - 9-25 3:30ish
  3. COLOR RUN FUN - Let's sharpen our saws together with big color and a little 5k by participating in the San Diego Color Run. This event takes place October 11 near Qualcomm Stadium at 8:00. Meet up details will come closer to the event date. To register:

    1. Go to this website: http://thecolorrun.com/San-Diego?gclid=CMqWwOTfyMACFYqEfgodeRQA-Q

    2. Click to register under "Team Runner"

    3. Our team name is Solana Ranchers

    4. Our passcode is solanaranch

Enjoy your weekend! (Can you believe the first month is over already?)

SuperheroYou - What Is Your Superpower?

Who Am I?

  • I was born in the city that John Deere opened his first factory.
  • I named all three of my children after cars: Nash, Cooper, Tesla
  • My high school friend's dad is Jimmy Johnson, the former Dallas Cowboy owner.
  • My uncle wrestled in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City
  • In high school I worked at a sporting good store with Garth Brooks

Answer: Coach Troy Combs

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