SLCHS Good News

September 2015

Alumni Save the Date for Homecoming:

Wednesday, Oct. 7th, 5:30pm to Sunday, Oct. 11th, 11:30am

1620 Bank Street

Lake Charles, LA

  • Wednesday, October 7 @ 5:30; Homecoming Parade followed by Saints Pep Rally in the gym (approximately 6 p.m.)
  • Thursday, October 8 @ 7:00 p.m.; SLCHS vs. S. Beauregard *Homecoming Game in Cougar Stadium
  • Sunday, October 11 @ 9:00 a.m. Mass in the Commons; 10:15 a.m. Light Brunch in the Commons following Mass; 10:30 - 11:30 Tour SLCHS if you'd like!

A Community of Saints: An essay shared by alumnus, Sam Perez, who is currently a junior at LSU

A common saying warns us, “Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.” Years ago, my family and I moved from Mexico City to Lake Charles, Louisiana, a city in the wonderful area of Southwest Louisiana. It’s a diverse community with a rich and colorful heritage, some of the best food in the world, and an exploding economic boom. Opportunities for growth and success are everywhere including exemplary educational systems. Choosing a school for me was a major consideration, since the school systems in Mexico are not as advanced as they are in the United States. The importance of education has always been stressed in my family. At a very young age, I was taught to focus on and fully embrace the opportunities and experiences placed before me. Together, we put our wishes into action and made the big move! This transition and the unknown were scary, but I quickly found my safe haven at Saint Louis Catholic High School, the only Roman Catholic High School in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Saint Louis is not just a high school; it’s a community of parents, teachers, and students who share many of the same goals and values and whose forms of communication and differences simply make them stronger.

Click the link below to read the remainder of the essay.

Parent Digital Citizenship Presentation by Lt. Rusty Broussard from CPSO

Thursday, Oct. 1st, 6pm

1620 Bank Street

Lake Charles, LA

Please join us in the cafeteria as we continue our Digital Citizenship series. Lt. Broussard will discuss the sexting law and legal issues that arise from using technology inappropriately. He will speak to the students Friday morning.

Classroom News

Mrs. Richard's Physical Science classes have been busy learning about speed and acceleration. Classes competed in paper airplane contests to practice calculating speed. Congrats to Robert Rigmaiden and Sydney Duplechain for constructing a plane that went the farthest distance.

Food & Nutrition's FBI (Foodborne Illness) Project

Ms. Patina's students were given the task of uncovering important documentation about the most serious FBI (Foodborne illness) criminals known to man. These FBI criminals have been on the “Most Wanted” lists for years. Students had to work together to create a profile on an FBI to help officials catch these deadly criminals. See below for part of a profile made by one of the student groups.

Environmental Science participates in "Risk Communication: Media Presentation Exercise."

Students in Ms. Pleasant's Environmental Science class were asked to prepare a brief broadcast from 1 of 5 viewpoints about an environmental contamination scenario. See below for one group's final product.

Recycling in Environmental Science

The class has been discussing ways to decrease our ecological footprints. Recycling is a great way to reduce the stamp that our lifestyle has on the planet. After a discussion, students performed a lab where they went through the steps in the recycling of paper. Students created and dried their own paper after following the lab instructions. This was a nice way to show students how the paper recycled here at SLC becomes new, reusable paper.

by Ms. Pleasant

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World Geography Pre-AP Fakebook Project

Mrs. Joe's World Geography classes participated in a fakebook project a few weeks ago. Each student had to choose a character and create a fakebook profile for that character. Then, the student uploaded the profile to Moodle Glossary. Mrs. Joe also asked that each student comment on 2 other character's profiles in the Moodle glossary. The student comments had to be in character.See below for examples.

Math teachers pilot OneNote Notebook Creator.

About 5 teachers are piloting the OneNote Notebook Creator, which makes notebooks for all of the students in a class. These notebooks are connected to the "teacher notebook." The teacher can see all of the student notebooks and provide immediate feedback. Mrs. Shumaker discovered that she could make notes on a student's homework page after hours to help him with a concept he was not understanding during class. The student was able to see her notes immediately.

Mrs. Manns uses it in place of the old “Homework Checks” where she would have to walk around the classroom checking the work. With OneNote Notebook Creator, she has the students submit the assignment in their “Homework” tab of the OneNote notebook, and she grades it after class is over—instead of the old way where she used the first 5-10 minutes of class to walk around and check.

Below is another example of how this tool is being used. Mrs. Manns used the "collaboration space" in her physics class notebook. The students were able to work on the problem together and she could see it all in "real time." There was no need for the student to turn in anything. It was all right there connected to the teacher's OneNote notebook.

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Soap bubbles were used to model several properties that are characteristic of cellular membranes. The Bioloy I Pre-AP students had so much fun!

Transitions Class Takes Vocational/Life Skills Field Trip!

On Sept. 15, the Transitions Class enjoyed a wonderful vocational/life skills field trip! We are very appreciative of the personal tour of the Stine’s store and of the generous donation they made to our classroom of terra cotta pots, plants, and potting soil! We have already begun sprouting seeds and planting plants! We then enjoyed a pizza buffet with Deacon Fontenot before heading to Kroger’s. We used our shopping lists to pick the freshest vegetables and purchase the ingredients needed for a special Taco Fiesta. The guys thought that they were the better shoppers; however the girls know that we were! We had a great time preparing and sharing the meal with our Inclusion teachers and SLC friends! What a fun time learning by doing.

by Mrs. France

Campus ministry spreads words of encouragement & joy! They put a note on every school locker!!!

Sports & Extra-Curricular News

St. Louis Swim

The St. Louis Swim team placed first in the Lafayette Meet on Saturday, September 19th. The boy's team placed first overall while the girls placed third. Together, the team placed first overall!
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News from SLCHS cheerleaders

SLC cheerleaders hosted a cheerleader clinic on Saturday, September 12. We had 100 little cheerleaders having fun learning cheers, chants, and dances taught by the SLC cheerleaders! The participants in the clinic will perform the material learned at halftime of the SLC football game on Friday,
September 25 at LCB stadium.

The JV cheerleaders will be cheering for the runners in the annual CARC 5K on Saturday, Sept 19 at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

The V cheerleaders will be cheering for the runners and walkers in the annual Ethel Precht Breast Cancer Walk on Saturday, Oct 17 at the Lake Charles Civic Center.

by K. Crawford

Dune Restoration!

On September 26th the St. Louis Catholic Earth Club went to Holly Beach to replant grasses that were washed out by Hurricane Rita. About 20 members were there to help out Citgo with the replanting. We shoveled up sand and planted more than 2 miles of grass. During our water break, off in the distance, we saw a pod of dolphins which was an awesome sight to see. It was so beautiful to see everyone working together to make the Earth a better place to be. It was a long hard day that was totally worth it to know how beautiful that beach will become.

By: Madelon Davis (Earth Club Historian)

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Coach Oertling and Soccer Team Recognized at 1st Pep Rally by Mayor Randy Roach!

photo provided by SLCHS Yearbook Staff
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September 9th kicked off football for our feeder schools that have football, which include Immaculate Conception Cathedral School, St. Margaret's Catholic School, Our Lady's Catholic School, Our Lady Immaculate's School, Our Lady Queen of Heaven School and Episcopal Day School. These schools use our soccer fields to play their home football games. We started the evening with Deacon Fontenot welcoming the schools and leading the prayer, with a few 3rd grade girls from ICCS and EDS helping with the pledge. Our sweethearts and cheerleaders were there with smiling faces to perform and hand out our sports schedules. Many young girls were in awe of their performances and said, "I want to do that!" and that is just one reason we were there. By showcasing the best of what we have, we invite our young people to do the same and hopefully they will perform here one day at SLCHS.

A big thank you to our coaches who showed up to be introduced to those in attendance. Many comments of appreciation were heard for having our coaches and students involved with this special day for those schools. It was a great night to be a 'SAINT'!!

by Ann Vincent