animal research project

Reid Boeshart



Toco toucans live in South Amaricas tropacal forest. Often you will find them in the trees of the tropical forest. There are many diffrent tipes of toucans , the common toucan ,the keen billd toucan etc. The toucan is a common bird it is well known in South Amaricas tropical forest. The forest is a good place for the tocan to live because there re lots of food and it is the right temputure.

toucans diet

Toucans is a carnavore so they eat fruit. Small birds, eggs, and sometimes lizzards but they don't eat plants.

toucans adaptations

The toucans big beak may seem heavy but really it's lite the toucans beak is bright so it attracts prededers. But since the toucan lives in the trees it is hard for the prededers to get the toucan. One of the defense mecaniems of the toucan is it's beak. One of the prededers of the toucan is the tiger.