Landing On The Moon Conspiracy

By: Samantha Phillips

Who, What, When, Where, Why

Apollo 11 along with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin inside were the first people to supposedly land on the moon on July 20th, 1969. Armstrong became the first to step on the moon just six hours after landing then Aldrin joined him on the moon about 20 minutes later. The only real reason why man decided to go to the moon was because of the Cold War competition with the Soviet Union. But, without that competition ever starting, man kind probably still wouldn't have gone to the moon yet. Going to the moon was a big deal back in the day and yet some people still think it didn't actually happen.
First Moon Landing 1969

Perspective #1

One perspective about why landing on the moon didn't actually happen is based off the America flag that was planted on the moon. The flag had movement as if i was "blowing in the wind" and according to critics, there's no wind in outer space. NASA claims that Buzz Aldrin was twisting the flag pole into the moon to keep it in place and that why it looks like it was blowing.

Perspective #2

The second perspective on why landing on the moon might have never happened because in one photo there is a picture of a moon rock. On that rock there is the letter "C" perfectly engraved into the corner of the rock. Since the symmetry of the letter was so perfect, people claim that there's no way it is just a natural occurrence. Many believe that it's a prop used on set to fake the landing of the moon. But, according to NASA, it was just a stray hair!

Media Bias Explained

I think at the time the Apollo spaceship landed on the moon, the media was all for it. Of course they were going to show the landing of the moon on as many channels as possible to not only get their ratings up but to also show people that we beat the Soviet Union at doing it first. Now in this day in age (2016) I think that the media bias could change and start trying to give away that the moon landing was fake just to start rumors for media attention.

Criticism #1

The first type of criticism would be historical. This can be looked at under a historical lenses because at the time the moon landing happened, the United States was also involved in the Cold War. Also, one of the competitions with the Soviet Union at the time was a space race, who could get man on the moon first. Apollo 11 was an amazing thing because not only did the USA get on the moon first but we also made history by being able to walk on the moon.

Criticism #2

The second type of criticism would be cultural. Being looked at under a cultural lenses you can see that at the time the Space Race was a big deal in the late 1960's. Walking on the moon was the highlight of many people's lives and will never be forgotten. Now that man was able to walk on the moon, it's been in the American culture to continue to go more than once to the moon and also visit places beyond the moon with advanced technology.