A Closer Look at Collaboration

Sadler 3rd-5th Grade PLC

Building Knowledge, Building Relationships

PLC Focus

  • Making connections between grade levels
  • Building up relationships
  • Breaking down standards

We focused on close reading to make sense of reading passages, writing prompts and math problems. We created a close reading symbol sheet to provide consistency between the grade levels.

How this strengthens curriculum

  • The close reading symbol sheet strengthens our curriculum by giving teachers and students an intentionality to reading text and better comprehending what they are reading.
  • Building relationships strengthens curriculum by opening lines of communication and collaboration. Iron sharpens iron. We are inspired daily by the professionals we interact with and use PLC time to collaborate, celebrate and instigate successes.
  • Breaking down standards strengthens students and teachers when we determine what standards our students are working towards. In the lower grades, we can select literature that would address social studies and science standards the 5th grade students will be expected to master. Historical events, vocabulary, and people can be researched and written about in 3rd and 4th grades so that students have connections to build on in the higher grades.

Sadler Stars Shine Bright

Readers Reap Rewards

Closing the Gap

By looking at past scores, we determined areas of weakness that we wanted to address throughout our grade levels.

  • Reading strategies...non-fiction, fiction, writing prompts and math problems. Students were able to intentionally look for the important parts of the problem in order to develop the solution.
  • Breaking down standards has given us the opportunity to close gaps by being more aware of what we are bridging students to.
  • We focused on the scientific process across the grade levels and had a Sweet Science Night with Dr. Pheoc (Problem, Hypothesis, Experiment, Observe, Conclusion).

We have seen an increase in reading scores on our grade level benchmarks. Many factors go into the achievement of our students, but we believe the close reading symbol sheet has been helpful in the way students confidently attack their reading passages for understanding.


The most observable area where we saw growth was in our relationships with each other. Rita Piersen told educators that "Every child deserves a champion." Muhammed Ali stated "Champions are made from something they have deep inside them--a desire, a dream, a vision." We are Champions.

3rd-5th Grade Professional Learning Community

Jenny Jamison...Leader, Jessica Hiseley...Recorder, Alicia Sloat...3rd, Carol Nunley...4th,
Cindy Ball...4th, Annie Stevenson...5th