Spanish renaissance art

Architecture, sculpture and painting.


It was inspired in Italian models.

  • Platesque (1500-1530): Gothic forms were kept inside buildings, but in the insade incorporated renaissance decorative motifs. The name ncomes from 'work of a silversmith' because of the extensive decoration it presents. One example is the University of Salamanca.
  • Purist (1530-1560): Renaissance elements in the building structure and enlarged the decorative elements. One example is the palace of Charles I.
  • Herreriano (1560-1600): They are simple structures. it takes it´s name from architect Juan de Herrera. The most importan example is San Lorenzo de El Escorial.


Spanish followed a unique style. Most pieces are made of wood and then paintid, this is called polychrome sculpture. Most of the themes is religion and they were used for altrapieces and chapels. Most famous sculptures are The sacrifice of Isaac and The Entombment of Chris and Virgin of Anguish.


Spanish were influenced by Italian masters and their themes were mostly religious.
Most famous paintor was El Greco.
  • He painted enlarged figures
  • Illuminated with strong light
  • Used peculiar colours: blues, greys, greens, violet and oranges with different shades.