Strategy Project LTRE 511

By Sabha Khan

Strategies and sources listed in the order used

Core textbook used: The New Nation. American nation in the modern era published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston.

Strategy #1: Activating background/writing to learn as pre-reading.

Source #1: A video: A brief history of America’s Independence: Part I (The revolutionary war) found on

Source #2 online article: found on

Strategy #2: Stand and converse as pre-reading.

Source #3 Trade book: Letters from the Homefront: The revolutionary War, by Susan Provost Beller

Strategy #3: Take a side as pre-reading.

Strategy #4: Questioning and frontloading as pre-reading

Source #4 Web 2.0 tool: Timetoast

Strategy #5: Maintain a timeline/graphic representation used during reading

Source #5 Trade book: American Revolution, a graphic history, by Rod Espinosa

Strategy #6: Compare and contrast/ graphic representation used during reading

Source #6 Lyrics used from The Liberty Song and A Parody upon a well-known Liberty Song found on

Strategy #7: Interactive reading used during reading

Strategy #8: Cause and effect used after reading

Source #7 Web 2.0 tool: Choice of Prezi or Animoto