What's Going On At Holling Heights 9/4/2020

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September 7- NO SCHOOL

September 9- 2:15 Dismissal

September 16- School Pictures

All students will enter through the front door starting next week. k-5 students will be allowed in the building at 8:10, please do NOT drop off your child prior to 8:10.

Note From Mrs. Logan

As a mother to young children there were certain parts of the nightly routine I loved and others I dreaded. Bath time never made the top of the list. It always seemed to lead to some level of chaos that included crying children and a very wet bathroom floor. However, reading bed time stories was a time I looked forward to all day long. The snuggles and exploring new worlds through stories with my children was my favorite. Now that both of my children are teenagers it would take a small miracle to get them on my lap to enjoy a story. I miss those early moments of parenthood and hope that the time we did spend reading in their young years has influenced their passion for being a life-long reader.

This week Holling Hawks celebrated our first ever monthly "I CAN READ" Celebration. The beach towels were laid out and students were engaged in their books. The fruit snacks were an extra bonus to the fun. Check out the video below to see the HAWKS enjoying our READ and FEED!

Reading builds brains, promotes language, cognitive and social emotional development. The more children read the more likely they will grow a life-time love for reading. Each month we will have an all school time dedicated to celebrating the joy of reading. We will focus on a research based reading strategy each celebration. This month we focused on strategy of making text-to-self connections. When reading with you child help them make connections to the text. What does the text remind you of? What memories does it spark? Try modeling and encouraging your child to make connections next time you're snuggled with your child and a good book.

Parents please help us out

  • Check your email consistently and read all information carefully
  • Ensure that each morning your child has a clean mask to wear to school
  • Ensure that each morning your child has a clean water bottle (drinking fountains will not be able to be used but students can fill their water bottles)
  • When you are on school property be in a mask yourself
  • Respect the distance of other people when on school property

Millard Public Schools: Home Visiting Program

The Home Visiting program is FREE and partners alongside families with children ages prenatal to 5.

This program focuses on:

  • Strengthening secure, healthy attachments with your child(ren)

  • Building parent skills and increasing knowledge to support your child’s education and development

  • Forming positive connections in the community

  • Preparing you and your child for school

Families interested in participating will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate in engaging home visits with their child three(3) times per month

  • Attend interactive monthly Parent-Child Socialization Groups

  • Receive a FREE slot in preschool when your child becomes age-eligible

  • Learn more about family events and resources in the community!

Interested? Contact Nicole Nelson at 402-715-8393 or nbnelson@mpsomaha.or

Remote Meal Service

For students who are remote learning at home, breakfast and lunch meals will be available for purchase according to the individual student’s eligibility (Free, Reduced, Paid). The order form will be made available on each Saturday for the upcoming week. Orders may be submitted in advance of the date of pickup however, the meals may only be picked up on the applicable day of service. The remote meals menu will align with the in-school menu for each grade level.

Meals will be distributed curbside pick-up from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm daily. Due to USDA menu guidelines student meals must be picked up from the student’s applicable grade level building. Meals may be picked up between 11:00 am - 12:00 pm daily from the below sites :

  • Ackerman Elementary- 5110 South 156th Street
  • Andersen Middle School- 15404 Adams Street
  • Millard South High School- 14905 Q Street

Families can click here to submit an order by 9:00 am the day of service to receive a breakfast and/or lunch. An individual submission must be submitted for each student requesting a meal. If you have any questions please call 402-715-1440.

Holling Procedures and Protocols

The Holling staff have been busy the last couple of months planning for the safety of your child. Under the direction of district guidelines we have devised a plan for what those look like specific to Holling Heights. Please don't hesitate to ask questions.

Holling Heights Elementary Family Procedures and Protocols

Do you need support during these challenging times?

School supplies and other needs -

If you listed needing assistance when registering your child through online enrollment, Mrs. Karloff or Mrs. Anderson will be reaching out to you. If you did not complete that section of registration or your needs have changed, please contact either of them or the office at any time. jmkarloff@mpsomaha.org or jmanderson@mpsomaha.org

Covid-19 Webpage

We recognize that communication is essential. We have updated our COVID-19 webpage. You can find it in the bright yellow banner at the top of our district website, www.mpsomaha.org Because information changes so quickly, a web page is the best place for updated information. The webpage has many resources on it, and I want to draw your attention to four specific links:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): These are continuously updated as we see new questions come up from the community. The FAQ has a topical index that makes searching quick and efficient.

  • Return to School Safety Protocols: This link provides information about our safety protocols. These are items such as cleaning, lunch, masks, etc. Your building principal will also send building specific protocols prior to the start of school.

  • Positive Cases & Exposure: This link explains how we will respond to positive cases and exposures.

  • Health & Safety Quick Reference: We have created a sheet regarding symptom checks, mask wearing tips, handwashing, etc. This is a printable document that can be used as a quick reference.

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