Vaccinate Today!

Seshu Brahma and Rebecca Parker 3rd

Why Should You Vaccinate?

Getting a vaccination can save a life, a community, and a nation. In the 1950s, approximately 3,000 people a year died from polio in the US. The polio vaccine, developed in 1955, has wiped out polio in the US, saving thousands of lives. The Whooping Cough killed 9,000 each year before the vaccination was invented. But today, there are more cases of the Whooping Cough than at any time in 40 years. This is due to people rejecting the vaccination.

Have NO Doubts!

Some think that getting vaccinations, such as the measles vaccination, can cause a higher chance of autism, but this doubt was eradicated when a study of more than 530,000 Danish children found that those who didn't get the measles vaccine were just as likely to get autism as children who were vaccinated.