Why Illegal Immigrants come to USA

Important Message

In no way am I saying illegal immigration is a good thing. I am simply stating reasons families do choose to do so.

Better Life

The main reason many hispanics move to the United States of America is to have a better life, many Latin American countries are corrupt economically and would obviously much rather make a valuable dollar than their given form of currency. They do this to be able better support their families.

Life in Latin America

As you may no many Latin American countries are infested and almost ran by drug cartels. Education systems are very poor compared to America and obviously makes it very hard to be successful growing up in these countries therefor making the move to America more worthwhile.


The main reason they do come legally is because the extreme difficulty and large amount of time it takes to become American citizen. The best solution would be to find a way that is both reliable and some what faster to become an American citizen.